12 Days of Holiday Hybrids: Day 5- Joy Rosette Banner


Hi, Arielle here with a festive little banner for you featuring big rosettes! I had all the materials in my stash – which made this an easy project to pull together for any little bit of space than needs a holiday touch!



  • Your digital kit – I used Deena Rutter’s Hello December Paper Pack
  • Adhesive, I used ATG tape and 3D glue dots
  • Ribbon
  • Doilies
  • Scissors
  • Scoring board and tool
  • Glitter/Stickles (optional)
  • Paper trimmer

Start by setting up your document to print. Using an 8 1/2″ x 11″ print size, place a 6″ square of patterned paper (I used 3 different papers) in your document as well as a matching letter. My letters are 3″ tall. You’ll need to print 2 copies of each  of the papers and 1 copy of the letters. If you want your rosettes to be more full, print out 3 copies. I used a thin cardstock, a little more sturdy than plain bond paper.

Step 1 – Trim out your papers to 6″ square. Using a scoring tool, score at each 1/2″ increment. Score it on the reverse side. (I just photographed it opposite to show the color!)

Step 2 – Accordion fold the paper, so that the ends are folded in a peak. (this makes a cleaner look when you glue the ends together.) Fold in half as evenly as you can. It may buckle a little in the middle, but that will be covered up!


Step 3 – Using a strong adhesive, add glue down the side of one the folded paper, fold in half and secure. Repeat with your other piece(s).

Step 4 – Now add adhesive to the opposite sides and adhere together, matching them up evenly.

Step 5 – Lastly secure the last ends together to form your rosette.


Step 6 – Now for the fun – put adhesive on the backs of the doilies and secure to the front of the rosettes.

Step 7 – Trim out the letters and add on top of the doilies. I also added dots of Stickles to the edges of the doilies.

Step 8 – Cut your ribbon, tie a bow in the top and adhere you rosettes.


Step 9 – You’re finished! Find a place to hang it up!


I love making rosettes, they are so whimsical and easy!  You can make them large or small, the diameter will be the same as the width of the paper you start with! Have fun and have a VERY CRAFTY and MERRY Christmas! God bless us one and all!

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