12 days of Holiday Hybrids – Day 9: Mini Gift Card Envelope


Hi everyone! It’s Indah here with a project that’s easy to mass produce for your Christmas gifting. I always find it hard to give gifts for my tween nephews and nieces… So this year I came up with the idea of giving them gift cards to their favorite store and restaurants. But giving just the gift card like that to them would be ordinary and they tend to lose them. So I made these easy gift card envelope using the ever so popular Envelope Punch Board.



  1. Print out your patterned paper and elements. I used double sided photo paper so I can have patterned paper on the inside of the envelope too. Then cut out all of them.     01
  2. Align the left top side of your paper with the punch board at 2 inches, punch then score on the right side of the opening.02
  3. Turn 90 degrees then align the scored line to the left notch. Punch and score again like the first time. Ignore any measurement, you just need to measure once at the beginning. Do this until all of the sides are scored and punched.03
  4. Round the top side with the corner rounder on the top of the envelope punch board.04
  5. Create a tiny tick mark on the center of envelope’s excess height. Cut out that excess using scissors.05
  6. Stick your adhesive to the sides of your envelope.06
  7. Adhere your elements to decorate>07

There you go! Easy and cute. Hope you’ll try this out and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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