12 days of Holiday Hybrids- Day 1: Hanging Thread Garland


Today we kick off the first day of our 12 days of Holiday Hybrids blog series where each day for the next 12 days we bring you some pretty cool hybrid projects that you can either incorporate this year or next year. 🙂

Yule (as I like to call it) is my favorite time of the year and typically I create something new each year. After seeing something similar on Pinterest I really wanted to create this to add to my ever growing holiday decorations. Today, I show you how you can create a hanging thread garland.

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  • Hello December Paper Pack
  • Paper puncher OR cutting machine
  • Sewing machine (There’s an alternative below if you don’t have a sewing machine)
  • Twine and/or ribbon
  • Wood bar

Step 1. Print out your paper that you want to use. Normally, I use Epson matte presentation paper but you can also use cardstock, too. I really like the color scheme in Hello December- I’ve decided to use all of the papers in the kit. Whatever you decide on you’ll want to print about 8-10 sheets depending on how big your shapes are, how long you want your garlands to be, and how many strands you’re going to have going across the bar.

Step 2. Using your paper puncher or cutting machine, cut out the shapes you plan on using. I chose a star because I have a thing for stars, especially during Yule. I also chose to cut out a few reindeer and deer because, let’s face it- they’re just cute, too.


Step 3. Starting with the first pattern, feed it through your sewing machine. You can decide on the length of each threaded garland. Make sure that you leave some room at the  beginning of your garland as you’ll be using this to wrap around the wood bar.



Sewing machine alternative: If you don’t have a sewing machine, no worries! You can still create this garland by gluing twine on the back of your cutouts.


Step 4. Wrap twine or ribbon around the wood bar so that you can hang it. Before you tie up the twine to both ends you’ll want to make sure the length of the twine is the right size. TIP: I wrap the end of the twine several times around the bar before I tie it. This helps with keeping it in place.


Step 5. You’ll actually want to hang up your bar for the next part. Add each piece, making sure you’re spacing it out evenly. Snip off the extra threading to clean it up a bit.


Viola! I really like how this turned out. I’m already thinking of another one I want to create for my craft office. When you decide to create this, please share your creations with us!


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  1. This is awesome Jeryn! I can totally see this being recreated for different holidays or special occasions like a baby shower with the top saying “Twinkle twinkle, little star”. or using the same technique for a hanging decoration over a baby’s crib in a nursery!

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