12 Days of Holiday Hybrids: Day 10- Happy Holidays Canvas



Hello crafty people! Hope you are all being inspired by the awesome hybrid projects here on the blog lately!  I am here today to show you how to create a fun holiday canvas! The possibilities are endless!


We will be using the following supplies:

I first created a new document in Photoshop and played around creating my scene…it really helps to plan it out ahead of time to get the idea down so you can visualize it.  This is what mine looked like and was the basis for my canvas.


From this picture I decided which papers I wanted to print and use.  I also grabbed the cute owls, presents, and word art and printed them out so I could cut them out and add them to the canvas.  I printed the papers I wanted to use out on 8.5×11 sheets of cardstock.


Now it is time to prepare your canvas. I used a 9×12 canvas. These are available many places- Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Blick Art Supplies, even Wal-Mart.


I then painted my canvas a sky blue color that will act as a border around my design.


Now we will let the paint dry and put our Silhouette to work!  I cut the big tree out of green polka dot paper and the small tree for the pickup out of green/white striped.  The large tree was approximately 6 inches tall and small tree in pickup approximately 3.5 inches tall.

I then cut the pickup out of red chevron paper and made it approximately 5.25 inches wide.

While my Silhouette was cutting, I cut the presents, owl, and word art out of the sheet I printed.  I had originally thought I would use the wordart as is but then decided to cut out each word and spread the words out all over my canvas.

I then cut the white/blue circle paper that I used for the snowy ground. I wanted it to be a little wavy to give more interest, so hand cut a wavy design off of the top.

Once your paint is dry, you can adhere blue houndstooth (sky) onto canvas using mod podge both underneath and on top.  Be generous with your mod podge to ensure that your paper sticks down well with no bubbles or waves in it.  Now place the wavy snow paper on top using more mod podge.  Sit aside to dry.


Once your ModPodge is dry, place your elements on your canvas and decide where you would like them.


Once you have decided where you want your pieces, go ahead and use ModPodge to adhere them down like we did the background papers. Set aside to dry.

Now it is time for your finishing touches.  Using black paint, paint over the tires on the pickup. I also used a dab of white paint and added to trees so it looked like snow was sitting on the branches.

Once the paint is dry, use a black sharpie and doodle outline the pickup and trees to add a little whimsy. I also outlined the edge of the paper as a border too.

There you have it! An easy and fun project for the holidays! And this could be done using any of Deena’s designs for any project. How cute would it be to make a series of fun canvases using Scenic Route cutting files & kit for a transportation themed boy’s room? Like I said, the possibilities are endless! Don’t be nervous, go out and grab a canvas and get busy!

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