12 days of Holiday Hybrids: Day 2- Custom Wax Paper for Treats


Welcome to DAY TWO of the 12 Days of Christmas! Kate here with a DIY custom wax paper tutorial perfect for wrapping those holiday treats.



– Digital Paper: I used paper from Deena’s Jolly Holiday Kit

– White tissue paper

– Cardstock

– Clear tape

– paper cutter or scissors

– Wax paper *

– Paraffin wax, shredded

– Iron

– some scrap cotton fabric (something you’re not terribly attached to)



1. Printing the paper.

The end result of this project will be a wax paper that’s a little thicker than a sheet of printer paper. To make it as thin and pliable as possible, we need to start with tissue paper. Which means we’re going to print our digital paper on a piece of white tissue paper. No worries though! It’s actually pretty simple.

Take a sheet of cardstock and lay it over the top of the tissue paper. Now you’re going to fold the tissue paper around the edges of the cardstock and tape it all down with some clear tape. The important thing here is to make sure there are no puckers or parts that stick up on the end you’ll feed into the printer. Check that your printer settings are at best quality for printing.


And here’s the printed tissue paper. I think it’s easier to trim while it’s still taped to the cardstock.


2. Shred the paraffin. You don’t need a ton of this, just enough to coat both sides of the tissue paper and adhere it to the wax paper.


3. Alright, it’s time to make a mega sandwich. Lay your cotton fabric out on a hard surface. The wax will bleed through so it’s probably not a good idea to use an ironing board for this. I used my kitchen counter.

Rip off a piece of wax paper big enough to cover both sides of the tissue paper and lay it on top of the cotton fabric.  Sprinkle with some of the shredded paraffin wax. Next goes the tissue paper with a little more of the paraffin sprinkled over the top. Fold the wax paper over and then fold the cotton fabric over the top of everything.


cotton fabric, wax paper, paraffin, tissue paper, paraffin, wax paper, cotton fabric.

3. Iron the whole thing, putting pressure on the iron and moving it from the center to the edges. Continue doing this until the wax is melted and spread out evenly. The fabric will become discolored where the wax is all melted, so I just used that as an indicator.


Take a peek at the finished product –


It only takes a few seconds to completely cool down. Also, if you find that it’s too thick, you can always iron it again – putting more pressure on the paper and thinning the wax out.

4. Trim off the extra wax paper.


Now you’re all ready to wrap up your holiday treats using your totally unique, food-safe wrapping paper!


*I’ve seen tutorials all over the web that say you can iron tissue paper between two sheets of wax paper (without the added paraffin) and be done. I found this wasn’t exactly correct. The wax paper sold in stores today is heat resistant and won’t stick to the tissue paper at all. It peels right off. The paraffin is needed because it acts as glue. In fact, I’m able to iron directly on the wax paper – something that would’ve ruined the iron if I’d done it with the wax paper from years ago.

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