Tissue Paper Heart

Hi There! Tiffany here, with a fun, quick little valentine’s gift. I know, it’s been ages since I’ve done a post here. Something about valentines day just makes me happy.

Items used:

-Red Tissue paper


A Kind Word: Love edition part 2

-Sewing machine

-Valentine candy (I used M&Ms)

Today I mad some tissue paper hearts filled with my favorite treat (well, one of them!) Here’s how I did it.  I found a great tutorial for printing on tissue paper. I’d seen a few tutorials around the web, but I liked having a video.  I didn’t print any photos, but you get the idea.

I decided that I wanted my tissue paper red and the KIND WORD to be grey. I positioned them in photoshop the way I wanted and printed. If I’d known how easy it was to print on tissue paper, I would have done this earlier. Now my head is going crazy with things I can do with all this spare tissue paper.

Once printed, I cut apart my words and cut them into my hear shapes. Make sure to use 2 sheets of paper (one printed, and the other as the backing) so they will be the same size heart.

image from deenarutter.typepad.com

Once my hearts were the shape I wanted. I went to my sewing machine and stitched around the outside. This isn’t the easiest paper to sew, but just go slowly and lift up your presser foot if you need to smooth out the paper.

Be sure to leave a big enough opening for your favorite treats. My first couple I sewed a little smaller that I would have wanted to. It was fine, I just had to fill them one. candy. at a time.

image from deenarutter.typepad.com

fill as full as you like. I don’t get too crazy with this part, so I make sure I have room to sew the opening closed.

image from deenarutter.typepad.com


image from deenarutter.typepad.com

sew that little opening closed, and there you have it. So easy, and “SEW” cute. (get it?)

image from deenarutter.typepad.com

Yummy enough for your valentine.

image from deenarutter.typepad.com

thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a happy Valentines day. Stop by the shop and pick up your KIND WORD – love edition today!!

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