2 Replies to “Abbey Road for My Minds Eye”

  1. I LOVE this line..especially the boys stuff…I think I bought everything that Roberts had. You are amazing…I love your stuff. Now to have a girl so I can buy up all the girl stuff too. Thanks keep it all coming…love it!
    Jessica Taylor

  2. Deena-Fantastic!!! i love this. Such a great set of colors…patterns… and a great song name to boot! I love it. I wish it was fabric!!! I’m ready to make up some quilts from it all!!!
    Sadly I can’t run out and purchase it here (maybe online though… I’ll try!), but it does inspire me! Which I love you for… always so inspiring.
    I totally exceeded my exclamation mark qouta in this one email. Hope I can catch you over the holidays while we’re there… xx, carrie!

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