Acetate Treat Box

Good morning, Arielle here! I have a fun little treat box for you today ~ using acetate and patterned paper. This makes a quick, cute gift box that you can add any treat to!

Supply list:

  • 2 each – 4″x4″ piece of patterned paper
  • 1 each – 3.5″x10″ piece of acetate
  • Adhesive – I used super sticky double-sided craft tape.
  • Scissors, craft knife, or paper trimmer and a ruler
  • Scoring tools
  • Your digital kit printouts – I used Deena’s Bugaboo Papers
  • Ribbon – 13″ minimum
  • Optional – eyelets and eyelet setter

Start by laying out your digital papers. I added a couple strips of complementing papers to use as trims. The dimensions of the 2 squares for the top an bottom are 4″x4″.

1 – Trim out your patterned paper squares.

2 – Score the edges of the patterned paper squares .75″ from each side, on all 4 sides. Do this to both squares.

3 – Score your acetate at the following measurements, 2 3/8″, 4 3/4″, 7 1″8, and 9 1/2″, leaving a half in overhang.

4 – Place a pick of sticky tape on the 1/2″ overhang.


5 – Cut from the edge to the score line on each corner of the paper squares.

6 – Place a piece of sticky tape on each of the corner flaps.

7 – Fold the flaps under and  secure the sides to form the top and bottom of the box.


8 – Fold the acetate, and secure with the taped overhang.

9 – Place a piece of sticky tape on each side of the box bottom.

10 – Insert the acetate and secure. the acetate will be slightly smaller in width so it will fit inside.


11 – Punch a small hole (and add an eyelet – optional) in 2 opposite sides of the paper box top.

12 – Place the top on the box, mark where the hole lines up on the acetate, and punch a hole there to add your ribbon handle.


13 – Insert each end of the ribbon into the box top.

14 – Then insert the ends into the holes in the acetate.

15 – Tie knots in each end.

Last steps, add your treats and embellishments! The sky’s the limit! I’ll be giving this to a little boy, so I kept it simple and added a little tag using part of the extra coordinating paper I printed and filled it with sour gummy worms. Have fun making your own!

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