Back To School: Hybrid Closet Hanger Tags


Hello everyone! Summer is coming to an end and the kids will be back to school soon. We have spent a few weeks getting back into a daily routine to help with the transition. Bedtimes are earlier as well as mornings. My kids know that their bedtime is at 8pm every weeknight during the school year. We stick to this schedule and have little conflict. Getting things organized really plays a key roll in streamlining our routine. For example, we designate a time and an area for homework in our home. We also spend some time at the beginning of each week planning meals (especially lunches). Having portions of the kids’ lunches prepped in advance is a huge time saver on busy mornings. Another great time saver is planning  out a week’s worth of wardrobe for my children in advance. This has been such a stress reliever for me. We no longer have struggles in the morning over what everyone wants wear.


Today, I am going to share with you a quick and easy way to organize clothes for a week. Let’s get started.

Supply List:

Step 1. Open a letter sized document in Photoshop (or other photo editing software).

Step 2. Fill the background with a patterned paper that you like.


Step 3. Create a new vertical line to divide the space. This will help evenly space items when placing them later. From the top menu click on View. From the drop down menu select New Guide.


Step 4. From the pop up menu select vertical, then click OK.


Step 5. Click and drag the new guide line from the left of the open document to divide the space. Repeat this step to create a second line. I eyeballed it spacing the lines approximately 3.5 inches apart.


Step 6. Add a coordinating solid paper on a new layer above the background paper. Drag the paper down towards the bottom third of the layout.

Step 7. Using the shape tool add a circle along the top of the document. This will serve as the cutout for the tag. Duplicate the circle two more times and space them evenly across the top.


Step 8. Drag and place the bracket shape from the D-Cuts  Basic Shapes and Word Art V1 onto the document.


Step 9. Resize it to fit into one of the divided sections.


Step 10.  Select the paint bucket tool and fill the shape with a color that matches the background. You can do this by using the eye dropper tool to pick a color from the background. Once the color is selected click OK.


Step 11. Duplicate the shape and place it evenly along the bottom of the document.


Step 12. Drag and place the weekdays png file from Count on Me Brushes. Use the Rectangle Marquee tool to select the word Monday from the file. Cut (Ctrl+X) and paste (Ctrl+V) “Monday” onto a new layer. Repeat this step for the other days of the week. Once complete, delete the original weekdays file layer. Hide all of the days except Mon, Tues, Wed.


Step 13. Move the days of the week onto the shapes along the bottom of the document.


Step 14. Continue embellishing  the tags however you like.


Note: Since 3 tags fit on one page, you will need to save Mon, Tues, Wed once all steps are completed. Click on File from the top menu, Save As from the drop down menu. Name the file as you wish and click Save. To complete the rest of the weekdays, delete the Mon, Tue, Wed layers, then un-hide the Thur and Fri layers. You may want to include Saturday and Sunday, although I did not personally print the weekends. Don’t forget to save the other files as well.

Step 15. Open and print the files on card stock. Printing tip: In the print settings menu select borderless printing to prevent cropping of the image.

Step 16. Cut the tags with a paper trimmer.


Step 17. Cut out or punch circles for each tag. I used my trusty circle cutter system from Creative Memories. You can use whatever you have on hand.


Step 18. Slip the tags over clothes hangers. The only thing left to do is to choose outfits for the week.

Here is a closeup of the finished clothes hanger tags.



Thanks for visiting the blog today. We sure hope you have been inspired to make back to school stress free.


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