Back-To-School Month: Lunch Box Goodies


It’s Back-To-School Month here at Deena Rutter’s blog and the team has some fun things planned for you. So be sure to check back often!

First up in our month long celebration is a pillow box filled with goodies on the inside while sending a positive message to your little (or not so little) ones on the outside. Can you imagine the exciting on your child’s face when they open their lunch box only to have revealed to them a surprise?

2014-08-04 16.08.56


Step 1. In your Silhouette Studio, open the pillow box file. I opened the .GSD file because it already includes the cut lines. We’ll be using the print and cut option so you’ll want to add the registration marks. More about this is explained in a different tutorial I did for printing and cutting journal cards but you’ll learn how to print and cut all of the same.

Because I want the pillow boxes to be small so that it fits in my son’s lunch box I resized it.


Step 2. Next I resized second piece, which helps you to visually see how the box will come together.


I make sure to line it right up to where it should be. I made a copy of the file for the other side of the pillow box just so you know what it would look like but don’t add this just yet.


Step 3. Next, we want to see how this will cut so click on the cut lines (the icon with the scissors) to show them.


We want some of the lines to be perforated as opposed to being cut so we’ll make some adjustments. Click on the 2nd file we added and within the cut lines option choose “perforate edge”. This will change the cut lines to the blue dashes. You’ll want to actually move the file over so you can make your adjustments.


Step 4. Choose the eraser option but make sure to choose “treat unfilled shapes as outline”.


Next, we’ll erase the left side of the cut line we don’t need. Once you’re done, copy and place back on top of the main cut file. Since I want to make multiple boxes I’m going to group these together before copying it.



Step 5. Now it’s time to add our designs!



Step 6. Once you’ve print and cut and put together the pillow boxes it’s time to stuff them. Now you’re done! Your kids will be smiling when they see this in their lunch box!

2014-08-04 16.08.56

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