Back-to-School: Simple Back to School photo tips


Hey Guys, It’s Tiffany here. I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted, but Summertime around our house does that to me. You too? I love it. Well, around here, we’ve been getting ready for our oldest little one to start Kindergarten. I don’t know how that happened, but it did, and all of us are so excited for this new adventure. I know that some schools around in my area have already started. Did you get the PERFECT photo for your scrapbook? Don’t stress, even if they have started, here is some inspiration to help you document a new school year.

The best part about this photo?  Besides my little love, is that we grabbed a blank sheet of paper and he sat in his favorite place. Having a child sit and hold something is usually a win-win in my book. It keeps them occupied for just long enough.

Deena created these darling .PNG files or stamps to use in photoshop so you can chose to print it or do it afterwards. I chose to have him hold a blank sheet of paper and then stamp it in photoshop.  You can also print the .PNG file and have your child hold the sign!! I love the options!!


Tip:*Be sure to plan taking a photo into your schedule. If you are crazily rushing around the morning of, chances are you won’t have a happy “back-to-schooler” and you may forget the photo all together. A friend of mine actually waits until a couple days after school has started to get the perfect photos. That way they are more in their routine and a little more “normal”.

Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with those Back to School photos!   Be sure to head over to the shop for your free Back to School brushes!


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