Badge Holder Mini Album

Hello, Arielle here with a little album I made for my kiddies featuring the exploits of our Elves on the Shelf, Chippy and Lula. I used Deena’s Jolly Holiday Collection ~ I love the traditional Christmas hues and fun patterns of the papers!

I wanted this album to be grunge proof, since my children will likely be dragging it everywhere, so I used plastic badge holders for the “pages”. Other than the badge holders (available at most office supply stores) you probably have everything you need in your stash for this project.

Supply list:

  • Badge holders
  • Washi tape, twine, buttons, rhinestones, flair, etc…
  • Ribbon to secure the binding
  • Adhesive. I used an ATG 
  • Scissors, craft knife, or paper trimmer and a ruler
  • Your digital kit printouts

Start with your digital scrap kit. My badges hold 2.5×3.25″ inserts, so I  used Photoshop to layout my “cards”. I printed extras that I could use to scrap with. You can see them in the picture above, at the bottom center. Then gather your supplies, also see above. For my pictures, I sized my Instagram prints to 1.75″ square, and then set them all up on 4×6″ jpgs to send to my local photo place. You can safely fit 4 to a print!
I won’t bore you with the details on how to scrap your pages… haha, but below you can see some of mine.
You will probably need to put in extra pieces of thin cardboard or thick paper between your badge holders so that you album won’t be a huge wedge. Mine measured 2.5x.5″. I made the front and the back from my patterned paper to coordinate with the covers. The badge holders have holes in them, so I put a spacer in place and used my Crop-a-dile to punch the holes and used it as a template for the rest, as seen below.

Once your pages are done and inserted in the holders, stack them and your spacers. Next you’ll get your ribbon (about 6 inches) and trim one end to a point to make it easier to thread through the holes.


Now tie off you ribbon binding. I love to make bows, but I decided for the kid’s album I would knot it. I used a wide grosgrain ribbon so after I tied it & trimmed the excess, I used a lighter to melt the edges so they wouldn’t unravel. Just be careful not to set the whole thing ablaze!

And that’s it ~ all done! Now I have a cute little album the kids can take for show and tell and I don’t have to worry about smudges! And it’s almost Kool-Aid proof, too!


If you make one of these I would LOVE to see it… just leave a comment and share it!

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