Blackbird and Superstition: Happy October crafting week – day five

Tiff has been making some fun stuff, now it's my turn. For today's project, I used BLACKBIRD diecuts, paper, and brads, plus my digital cuts from SUPERSTITION at Design House Digital. 


First, I cut lots of circles out of the BLACKBIRD paper varying from 2"-5".  I strung them with fishing line.

I cut houses from the d-cuts.

Drutter-superstition-chandelier2 Using a wire mesh that I found at Home Depot, I simply cut with some cheap household scissors, and added brads to hold them in place. I tied ribbons at 4 different spots to hang it all evenly.  Then I just tied the fishing wire through the wire mesh in random spots at different lengths.

I placed the cute little die-cut sticker people on the fronts of circles. For a final touch, I added brads to the wire mesh going around and through the center.





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