Coming Soon to Design House Digital…The ROCKETMAN Collection

Want a chance to win my latest digital collection, ROCKETMAN?  ROCKETMAN will hit the digital shelves of DHD on Thursday, MAY 4 2011, but you can win it here first. Just comment here with one of your favorite songs attached to a favorite memory (We tried something like this before and it was so fun!)

ROCKETMAN by Sir Elton John is one of my all time favorites…(and what a perfect name for this collection, right?)  I love sitting down to the piano to play Elton John songs, and this one has been at the top of my list since high school.

Enter by Wednesday May 3rd at 7pm MST.

Winner will be announced Thursday morning when ROCKETMAN goes on sale.

Winner will be chosen at random







15 Replies to “Coming Soon to Design House Digital…The ROCKETMAN Collection”

  1. Hello!! THIS kit is beautiful Deena! Elton’s new son needs a quilt:)
    Ummm… “let love rule”- Lenny Kravitz. Jon engraved it on the inside of my wedding ring (it was one of our “high school songs”) can’t get cheesier than that!

  2. One of our favorites is “Lollipop” by The Chordettes. The kids like it because it’s fun, and I like it because A) I love the oldies and B) It reminds me of the movie Stand By Me, one of my all time faves, starring one of my first celebrity crushes, River Phoenix. 🙂

  3. Grace Kelly – mika. It’s my ‘new song’ obsession. I am so excited about rockets! My sons first birthday party in Feb was rockets and robots!!

  4. Jimi Hendrix tunes always bring back memories of summers growing up. My parents always helped organize a summer music fest and when I hear that style of music, I’m reminded of hot dogs, dunk tanks, and cold lemonade in the hot sun.

  5. When my hubby and I got married (very informally), everyone remembers and laughs that we walked up to the preacher to “You’ll Be in My Heart’ which was featured in a Disney movie… Thanks!

  6. This is so sweet! Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places” reminds me of my first love, and brings me back to the sweetest memories of him.

  7. The hymn: It is Well With My Soul – I lost my mom as a teen, but this hymn has always been a comfort. 🙂

  8. What a fun kit to play with! Can’t wait to see the full kit. My favorite song is Better Together by Jack Johnson. It was the theme song in my wedding slideshow. My husband and I are both better together.

  9. I’ve always loved the song “Message in a Bottle” by Sting. I am not sure if it’s the song or the memory that I love more, but my best friend and I would hitch a huge boom box (yes, I just aged myself) onto our shoulders and walk down the street blasted this song as we walked to the local playground. We thought we were so cool.
    PS: My best friend and I have been close for 30+ years and we still giggle like kids when we hear this song together.

  10. When my husband and I would go rock climbing when we were dating he’d sing me “September Morn” by Neil Dimond while he belayed me. It was so funny at first but I became super use to it and loved it. Whenever we climb now, and I’ve got a hard part to get over, I tell him to sing to me.

  11. My husband loves ‘A Kiss to Build a Dream On’. I surprised him by having it played at our wedding while we danced in front of everyone. ^_^

  12. Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. I’m a brown eyed girl and have fond memories of dancing with my first born son to this tune when he was an infant. I still grab him up and dance with him when we hear the song – he’s five now. 🙂

  13. “God bless the broken road” – I sang it to my husband during our wedding :). Lots of special memories every time I hear it!

  14. “Coming Around Again” by Carly Simon as it always reminds me of my mom. This is an awesome kit…thank you so much for the chance to win.

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