Glitter Ornament

drutter_HYBRID Reindeer Ornament-Hello December Kit_3x4-WM


  • Hello December Digital Kit
  • Kraft Cardstock
  • Full Coverage Adhesive–Xyron Machine, Double-Sided Adhesive Sheet, or choice of dry adhesive which will cover entire sides of cut out/ornament
  • Thin glue to adhere glitter to edges of ornament–Zig adhesive pen, small amount of glue added with a paintbrush, etc.
  • Glitter–I used the Recollections Extra Fine Glitter from Michael’s in the Champagne color
  • Ribbons of your choice
  • Some kind of clear bead–I will give some suggestions
  • Ornament topper–I used a plastic craft bead
  • Thin metal wire for attaching clear bead
  • Silhouette or Electronic Digital Cutter OR scissors

Welcome to Hybrid Monday! CT Member Sandy here, to show you how to make this simple and elegant Reindeer Ornament from Deena’s newest Holiday kit release-Hello December. This kit has so many fun papers and elements; and I am only using ONE of those elements in this project today! Got your glitter ready? Then, let’s get started.


The very first thing I did was choose which element I wanted to use for my ornament. I couldn’t resist the shape of this adorable deer with those delicate antlers. I opened it in my Silhouette software, adjusted for desired size, then chose the appropriate settings to cut it out. If you don’t have a digital cutter, then open it in your photo editing software, adjust to desired size, print onto cardstock, and cut out with scissors. I gotta say, with the detail of this element, I wouldn’t want to cut it out by hand though. The design needs a precision cut, as each layer must match perfectly. Notice how I cut it out SIX times? Well, there is a reason for that. In this photo, it shows that I cut the shape four times in the same orientation; and then cut two more shapes mirrored from the original. I am very fortunate to have a Xyron 9″ Creative Station. I put a repositional adhesive cartridge into the machine, and ran all the reindeer cut outs through it to apply full-coverage adhesive on the underside of each cut out. In the photo above, they are sitting on the carrier sheet after coming out of the machine. If you don’t have this option, I would suggest something like double-sided adhesive sheets. They are made by different companies, I just happen to have the Silhouette brand.


I chose Kraft paper for a reason…it most closely matches the color of glitter I chose to use. For the best-looking finished product, it’s important to have your base color and glitter match; whether it be with paper, paint, etc. I wanted to build a substantial ornament, so one sheet of paper wasn’t going to cut it. That is why I cut out the shape so many times. I layered each shape carefully on top of each other four times; using repositional adhesive made it easier for me to match up the tips and points of the antlers and the hooves of each deer more precisely. If I messed up, (*gasp*), I could easily adjust the paper. Once I had the four cut outs of the same orientation  glued to each other, I flipped over the deer and repeated the process on the other side. My end result was a clean looking, chipboard-like shape with some substance.


The best tool I had to get the outside edges covered with glitter was a Zig adhesive pen. It IS a wet adhesive, but you can control how much comes out of the tip. I worked my way around the deer in sections; this glue dries pretty fast because it is so thin. Once I got all around the outer edges with glue and glitter, it was time to prepare the rest of the surface. Now, if you plan to use a double-sided adhesive sheet, you will also need to cut the exact same shapes into an adhesive sheet: cut one shape for the front AND a mirrored cut-out for the back. It is very important to get a cut for both sides. Next time I make one of these I am going to try the double sided adhesive method. This time, I ran my deer through my Xyron to apply adhesive to one side, then I FLIPPED IT OVER, and covered the other side with adhesive. This step is where it really makes a difference to use dry adhesive. I highly suggest working with a dry adhesive for this project, so the paper doesn’t warp or begin to disintegrate from “wet” adhesives, like glue, decoupage, or matte medium.


At this point, you’ve got lots of sticky goodness ready to pour your glitter onto. Glitter….YES! I chose a bottle of extra fine glitter in a champagne color, which very closely matched the kraft cardstock, and it is beautiful. Go ahead and carefully pour glitter onto a piece of paper, then place your deer into the glitter. Remember, you’ve got sticky stuff on both sides…so now pour some more glitter onto the top. A trick I have used when working with glitter is to use a paint brush. Not a “good” paintbrush, but one with fluffy bristles to help push the glitter into each crevice and achieve an even coating on both sides. Once I have achieved the desired affect, I then pick up the object and carefully dust the excess glitter off. If I had used wet adhesive, I would have to do one side at a time, waiting for each side to dry in-between coats. You also run the risk of an uneven surface, as well. Trust me! Give dry adhesive a try, whenever feasible, when working with glitter. Whew! I am off my “soap box” now…

One of the downfalls of glitter, is having it slough off every time you touch it, right? To reduce “glitter dust” I like to seal my projects with a clear coat spray finish. I only have matte, but I would think a shiny finish would be ok when working with glitter as well. Just make sure to spray outside if possible or in a well ventilated area. The fumes are stinky and dangerous to inhale. Give each side a nice coating, then prop up to dry; or spray one side, let dry, then flip over and spray the other side. Once your piece is dry, bring it back to your work surface.


Now, the fun really begins, it is time to embellish your ornament! *I must make a confession…I pay attention to things I see on clearance, come on products I purchase, or on gift wrapping. I look at things differently than a non-crafter does, and I bet you do as well. The ribbon I used as the ornament hanger actually came wrapped around a set of bath towels. How cool is that? I knew it would come in handy for something, and was thrilled that there was a lot of it! The bead used as an accent is from a sprig of buds and beaded flowers found in a 90% off clearance bin. I picked up several in different colors and shapes to have on hand because I knew I would use it. I don’t recommend buying junk or accumulating to the point of becoming a hoarder, just practice seeing things around you with “crafting” vision.* OK, back to finishing the ornament. I punched a hole for hanging the reindeer with my Cropodile; then strung a length of ribbon through the hole. With the help of some thin gauge wire, I threaded the bead and wrapped it around the base of the ribbon, just where it meets the top of the ornament. It only takes a short piece to make this work. Then I threaded another bead onto the ribbon; just a basic plastic craft bead. I tied a knot at the top of the ribbon loop, and slid the craft bead up to the base of the knot. When hung on the tree, the bead and knot will rest on top of the branch. The very final, yet elegant touch was adding a silk ribbon tied directly over the wrapped wire (thereby hiding it), then snipping the ends of each ribbon tail into a double point. There you have it! Now it’s your turn to get busy and make some new ornaments this year. You could easily mass-produce these as neighbor gifts, for your own tree, or even to adorn a wrapped gift. We would love to see what you are inspired to make! Have a wonderful holiday season.





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