Create Ruffles Out of Paper

Happy Hybrid Monday, everyone! Kate here to show you how to make pretty paper ruffles.



– Digital Kits by Deena Rutter

“Best Mom Ever”: In Bloom Papers & Elements; Neutral Paper Pack

“Snap”: Fresh Start Papers; Every Little Bit Brushes & Alphas

“Thank You”: Homeward Bound Papers; Doilies

– Spray bottle

– Double-sided tape (I used glue tape)



1. The first thing to do is print off your digital paper and cut them into strips. You can play around with the width, but make them as long as possible. For me, that was 11” because my printer doesn’t do anything longer.

Flip the paper over, pattern side down, and spray with some water.

2014_5_12. Start making little folds in one side of the paper strip, kind of fanning out and emphasizing the ruffles on the other side as you go. This is a slow, careful process.

2014_5_2Here’s what mine looked like after all the folding. Let this totally dry before moving on to the next step.

2014_5_33. Once it’s dry, flatten and smooth it out as best you can…

2014_5_4…and then run a line of double-sided tape along the edge that you folded. This tape will hold the ruffles in place and adhere the ruffle to the project. *Do NOT use the brand of tape in this photo. It’s just awful. The refills for my usual brand didn’t arrive in time for this tutorial and this was all I could find in my town.

Once you’ve got the line of tape on, you just start pinching and folding the edge again. Carefully and slowly.

2014_5_54. Attach the ruffle to your project and trim off any excess.

BestMomEver_wm_webAnd here’s a layout I made with some bigger ruffles.

Snap_webBecause, seriously. How awesome do these ruffles look?

2014_5_6I have one more project! I thought it would be fun to make flowers out of the ruffles.

Ruffle Flowers

Here I have my strips of paper in various sizes because I want my flowers to be different sizes. Spray the backs with some water.

2014_5_7I made sure to let the paper curl up as I was folding it the first time.

2014_5_8I smoothed them all out again and applied the line of double-sided tape. I carefully folded the edge up again, making the circle tighter this time.

2014_5_9And the finished card…

2014_5_thankyou_wm_webI hope this post will inspire you to make some cute ruffles of your own. Happy crafting!

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