design 365: the tutorial

Now that you've gathered all your supplies for the Design 365 challenge, here is the tutorial to get you on your way. 

D365 intro

Download your Kit: Visit Design House Digital to get your design 365 starter kit and even a design 365 FREEBIE!!

D365 instruction template

1. Cut your chipboard into 4.5”x11” strips
(you need 12)

On your full sheet sticker paper (you can use regular paper
with a gluestick too!)


  • DHD-deenarutter-design365-starterkit-month circles.png
  • DHD-deenarutter-design365-starterkit-week circles1-30.png
  • DHD-deenarutter-design365-starterkit-week circles


  • 12 DHD-deenarutter-design365starterkit-cutting file-month
    divider with your digital cutter (don’t know how to do this?  check out
    our upcoming post.) Or you can use the cutting file as a template to trace and cut
  • 52
    DHD-deenarutter-design365starterkit-cutting file-week divider with complimentary papers.(I used DHD-deenarutter-design365-starterkit-paper-seashellgrid for the
    month dividers +
    DHD-deenarutter-design365-starterkit-paper-deepshellsolid for the week


2. Using your 1.5” hole punch, punch out all of your

3. Keep month + week stickers separate.

4. Place month stickers on month divider and week stickers on week dividers.

5. Glue month divider onto chipboard bases, overlapping them about 1.5”. Stack
them on top of each other while you position the divider on top to ensure they
are all the same height.

6. Using a 3 ring hole puncher, place the dividers flush with the bottom of the
hole punch and punch your holes.  Repeat.

7. Place your dividers into your binder.  Month should be on top, with the
week dividers in between each month.

8. Start taking pictures and add to the templates included in the starter kit.

Check back next week for my layout and others.

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