Dry Erase Chore Chart

Good morning, Arielle here! I have a simple and fun project for you today ~ a Dry Erase Chore Chart! I have really small children, so instead of a list, I used pictures of the 4 chores I want my son to do each day.

Supply list:

  • A picture frame
  • Adhesive. I used an ATG and a glue pen
  • Scissors, craft knife, or paper trimmer and a ruler
  • Your digital kit printouts – I used Deena’s Rocketman Papers

Start by laying out your chore chart. I used little Polaroid type frames and typed out the days of the week on the side, so that the completed chores can be marked. There are no rules – just make it fun! Once you have it laid out, you can either print it as is or do what I did. I separated all the layers to print and put back together. I decided to go easy, and utilized strips of patterned paper in my design. (Easy to cut!)

If you choose the latter, after the layers are cut, re-assemble and adhere them onto the base paper. Just remember you can’t go too think on the layers, or it won’t fit in your frame!

Once that’s complete, pop it into your frame and you’re finished! Now the kiddos will be so excited to get going on those chores!

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