Lace and Trace

Happy Monday! Kate here with a fun project to help beat the cabin fever! I designed these with my older kids in mind (8-12 yrs). If I were doing this for my toddler, I would enlarge the image and make the holes bigger so she could use a piece of yarn and no needle.



– Digital Paper: I used the fun images in the Scoot element kit by Deena

– Photo-editing software like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements

– White cardstock

– Cutting machine -OR- a small hole punch < just make sure the design is close to the edges so the hole punch will reach.

– Embroidery floss and sewing needle



1. Design the background for your cards. Mine are 4”x5”. I added a darker color behind the lighter one where the image will be placed. Merge the layers.


2. Select the image you want and drag it to your background. Adjust the sizing if you need to. Merge all layers.


IF USING A HOLE PUNCH: Print the card and cut it out. Punch a small hole around the outline of the image and wherever else you want to stitch. The holes are about 1/8” apart. No need to meticulously measure. Just eye-ball it.

3. If you’re using a cutting machine, you’ll need to erase the dots for the stitching. Select the eraser tool and size it to 20px.  Now “punch” a hole about every 1/8” where you want the stitching to go. I just eye-balled it – it doesn’t take long at all. If you make a mistake, click undo, no biggie.


5. Print and send it to the cutting machine. I used the print and cut feature on my Silhouette.


The cards are ready to be stitched! I saved all of the cards I made so I can print them out whenever the kids want to sew them again.



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