DIY: matroyshka doll applique tutorial

Matroyshka doll onesie sample

This DIY Matryoshka Doll Applique is perfect for a baby shower gift, little girly birthday presents, or personalized canvas bags.

DHD matroyshka doll cutting file

Side note:  If you do not have a personal cutting machine, you can download the cutting file, open up the jpg folder, print each file separately, use as a pattern, and cut by hand.

Matroyshka doll onesie supplies

gather these supplies:

Onesie supply labels

1.     First choose a desired fabric for each of the 4 Babushka doll pieces.  Cut a piece of fabric and  Heat-N-Bond into squares the approximate size of each finished piece. 

Matroyshka doll step 1
2.    Following directions on package, iron Ultra Heat-N-Bond to wrong side of each fabric piece.  Remove paper backing. 

3.    Place prepared fabric piece Ultra Heat-N-Bond side down on cutting mat.  (a very sticky, new mat works best for cutting fabric)

Matroyshka doll step 3
4.     Using your personal Cutting machine (for best results, use a new blade and save for only cutting fabric), cut first piece of Babushka doll. 

5.     Repeat steps 2 and 3 until each of the four pieces are cut. 

Matroyshka doll step 5
6.    Iron body of doll in desired spot.  Next Iron scarf of doll in place followed by the face of the doll and finally the hair should be ironed on top of the face.

Matroyshka doll step 6
7.    Using a zigzag stitch (I adjust my stitch to be narrower and shorter than a typical zigzag stitch) carefully stitch around outside of Babushka doll and around each piece.  Hand stitching is also an option. 

8.    Using buttons, beads or other embellishments make the final touches to your doll.  ( I used a button for the scarf knot and made french knots with embroidery floss for each eye.)

Matroyshka doll step 8

(if embellishments are added, wash in cold on delicate setting and lay flat to dry)

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