Pinwheel Picture Frame

Good morning, Arielle here! I have a sweet little frame for you today ~ a Pinwheel Frame! This is a simple and inexpensive project which would also make a great gift!

Supply list:

Start by laying out your pinwheels. Print the Ombre Papers on one side and the Maybe Papers for the other. Also print them in varying widths 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″ & 3″ square. Once they are trimmed out, place a glue dot in the center. I used a 3D glue dot since the depth would pop up the center, but also allow me to adhere the button to the center with no additional adhesive.

Next, paint your frame. I made a wash using water and acrylic paint, so that the grain of the wooden frame would show through. Plus using a wash will allow your frame to dry more quickly.

Last step, adhere one pinwheel to a bamboo skewer to place on the right hand side of the frame. Using the 3D glue dots, layer the pinwheels around the edge of the frame’s opening, and layering over the skewer, too. For some pinwheels, I stacked 2 dots to make them taller and easier to layer.

And that’s it! A nice gift for yourself or someone special – that doesn’t break the bank!

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