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Welcome to Hybrid Monday! Summer is finally over and we are all trying to get back into the swing of a normal routine around here. How about you? Since kids are back in school, and schedules are getting established, now is a great time to start working on some projects…like me! I have been wanting to create some wall art for a child’s room, and Deena has just the designs I’ve been wanting to work with. Are you ready to get your DIY on?

Supply List:

  • Frame (to fit whatever is your desired finished size): I bought an inexpensive 8×10 frame at IKEA that came with a mat, making the inset size 5×7.
  • Scenic Route Paper Kit: or any other of Deena’s kits which suit the style you are going for. You can find a link to her store here.
  • Scenic Route Cutting Files Vol.1: I love all the transportation vehicles in this kit!
  • Distress Ink Pad: I use Tim Holtz Distress Inks by Ranger.
  • Foam Pad: To use with the ink pad.
  • Distress Stains: Also by Tim Hotz in his Distress line by Ranger.
  • Pop Dots/Foam Adhesive: I used square 3-D Foam Squares by Scrapbook Adhesives as well as some thin strips of foam adhesive.
  • Scissors: I prefer Tim Holtz Teflon-coated scissors by Tonic. It helps prevent things, like pop dots, from sticking to the blades, and they cut through just about anything.
  • Paper: I used white American Crafts textured paper to print my background page onto, and also to cut the bicycle from. The small dot paper is from Deena’s paper line with My Mind’s Eye–Good Day Sunshine (the boy version).
  • Rulers: A regular 12″ ruler and a ZERO CENTER ruler (optional).
  • Silhouette Digital Cutting Machine OR other Digital Cutter.


Look through the cutting files and corresponding papers, then select a cutting file you would like featured on YOUR Wall Art. I had a hard time narrowing mine down, but finally decided on the bicycle; as well as the paper with colored bicycle images which correspond with the cutting file.  The size of my frame determined the size of background patterned paper and the size to cut out the bicycle with my Silhouette. I wanted my cut image to be white, so it would stand out on the wall. My particular frame came with a mat, but it was a ecru color and definitely did NOT match white…so I had to decide whether or not I was going to use it. (It turns out I did.)

BUT, first things first! I needed to create a cutting file to fit within the 5×7 opening of the mat, and an 8×10 background image.

The easiest way for me to gauge the size of cutting file needed was to create a 5×7 rectangle; then place my cutting file onto it and size proportionately. Since the rectangle is no longer needed, just highlight and delete it. Drag the cutting file to the top of your paper to conserve space, then cut it out from one of the solid white pieces of paper. Next, in PS/PSE open a letter sized file and create an 8×10 sized rectangle to use as a clipping mask. Drag your desired background image above the rectangle, and clip it to the 8×10 background layer; then print onto your other piece of white paper. I always select the option to print on the highest quality.

At this point, I chose a complementary paper to put the white bicycle onto. I made sure the color tones were the same and I liked that it had dots on it, just like the repeating circles found on the wheels of each bike; also the smooth texture of the paper is a nice contrast to the textured papers. To find the right size, I measured the length of my cut file, and added a little on each side for width. The measurement ended up being 5 inches wide. I just split the difference between the background paper of 10×8 and came up with 5×4, to keep it centered in the frame.

I love the look of dimension in art. Therefore, I cut 3/D squares in half and strategically placed them on the back side of my bicycle…I wanted it to be popped off the layer of paper it sat on. I decided I DID want to use the mat after all, so I used a combination of colors to create a blended, painterly effect. I started with green, then added on some blue, and lastly did a wash of white over certain areas.


As a final touch to the matting board and circle paper piece, I distressed the edges with ink to add depth and shadowing. Moving on… Why not pop up the paper that holds the bicycle as well? GREAT IDEA! It gives more of that dimensional look I love so much. I laid strips of dimensional foam across the back of the circle paper; a final touch before I began assembling my Wall Art piece.

To help with the placement of the dimensional centerpiece of my project, I found the vertical center on the background paper, then placed a piece of chipboard along the bottom edge of the dotted paper to keep it in place. Then, I used a ZERO CENTER ruler to find the exact center placement of the dotted paper on the background patterned paper. Together, these two methods helped me get the exact placement I was going for. I adhered the center paper with the dimensional strips. Lastly, I placed the mat over top of everything to see how things looked. See that bit of paper peeking out the bottom of the mat? I trimmed a slim piece off the bottom of the background paper, then everything sat perfectly square inside the frame. TA-DA! Place your masterpiece inside the frame (with a freshly cleaned glass), and put it on your wall for all to admire… DIY WALL ART!

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