Father’s Day Hybrid Mini Album

Father’s Day will be here soon and today I’ll show you how to make a super cute and super easy mini album! completedalbum

Supply List:

Step One – The Cover: In Photoshop, I opened a blank 12in x 12in project and placed a tag from the Basic Shapes and Word Art Volume 1 kit. I duplicated the tag and increased the size larger than the pages to create an album cover. I saved the file then opened it in the Silhouette software and cut the tags on dark blue poster board which will serve as a sturdy cover for the album.

Step Two – The Pages: In Photoshop, I placed one of the tags from the Basic Shapes and Word Art Volume 1 kit onto a blank letter sized project. I duplicated the tag and resized it to fit within the print area. I clipped a paper from the Scenic Route collection to each of the tags and saved the files to be printed.

Step Three – The EmbellishmentsIn Photoshop, I placed several items from Scenic Route onto a blank letter sized project. I saved the file then opened in the Silhouette software to print and cut on letter sized paper.


Step Four – Assembly: Once everything was print and cut it was time to assemble the mini album. I folded the  poster board in half and set it aside. I folded the printed papers in half with the blank sides touching and glued them together. This created sturdier double sided pages for the album. cutpieces

Step Five – Binding: I stacked and placed the pages within the album cover and punched three holes along the folded edge. holes

Step Six – Decorating: I removed all of the pages from the cover and let my children decorate them. They were careful not to cover the already punched holes while they were placing embellishments.


Step Seven – Finishing: Once all of the pages were assembled, I placed the pages back inside the album cover and pushed metal brads through all of the punched holes.


Below is a glimpse of the decorated pages. The album is not quite complete. There is a hidden pocket within the album that will hold a gift card for dad, and there will be photos added to the album as well.


This was a fun and really quick project for my children, both under 10 years of age. Once the pieces were printed and cut, the entire album took less than 10 minutes to assemble.


Thanks for following along with this tutorial. I hope it inspires you to create a mini album for a friend or loved one.

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