Faux Quilt Squares In Less Than 4 Steps

Hello! Arielle here, and I have a little tutorial for you today – it’s an easy one, too! I have always loved the look of quilts and have just started learning to sew my own. This project has the quilt~y look, with none of the sewing! You can make your own paper pieced quilt squares to frame, make tags out of them, even iron-ons for shirts or aprons.

Supply list:

Start by picking out a quilt block diagram and open it in a Photoshop.  I placed mine on an 8.5″x11″ canvas. Since my frame’s opening is 8″x8″, I sized mine so there would be a nice white border.

1 – Select each open area in the block and erase it. Then create a new layer for each opening and fill the area on the new layer – I used black. This will make it a snap to clip your papers and move them around.

2 – Take the layer with your black guide and invert it to white.


3 – Add your papers, clipping them to each layer. Print it out.

4 – Trim off any excess and put it in your frame.

I hope you’ll give it a try, it’s a super easy and quick project that would make a cute gift!

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