Free SVG Cutting File – Chore Wheel

Time for summer and time for a new routine.  I thought I would share what is keeping my kids on task, giving them some responsibility, and making it so I don't have to come up with a new job list everyday.

I made a wheel chart for daily and weekly chores.  This download includes the chore wheel cut, plus png files of my chore chart that might work for you as well as it seems to be working for our family.

1. I printed out some of my favorite simple paper:

A Little Sketchy & Hotel California Steely Digital Paper

2. Cut out 2 SVG cuts of the chore wheel on my cricut.

3. Printed out my chore chart plus child names on white cardstock and hand-cut the circle outline.

4. Then I glued the steely paper circle onto my wheel, along with the child names.

5. After poking a hole through the center of all of the circles, I fastened a brad through the center and then glue dotted the "daily" and "weekly" circles to the top.

6. Final addition was gluing a magnet onto the back of the wheel to keep right on the fridge.

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