GIVEAWAY: MAYBE digital paper collection MEGA PACK

School is back is session, schedules are back in place, and it's time for a giveaway!


How to Enter: Leave a comment- Let me know your favorite part of Summer vacation and your favorite part of the kids being back in school. I'd love to hear what you've been up to.  Entries can be recieved until 11am MST September 2, 2010 (tomorrow- hurry quick!)

22 Replies to “GIVEAWAY: MAYBE digital paper collection MEGA PACK”

  1. Favorite part of summer vacation was our trip to Italy. Favorite part of the kids back in school is a few minutes of quiet everyday at home. 🙂

  2. My favorite part of summer vacation is the wheather, the sun, that you always try to do something different.
    And my favorite part of the kids being back in school is the quietness of those hours that you can dedicate to yourself.

  3. We homeschool, so my favorite part of summer is the pure freedom – a total break from our routine. Ironically, my favorite part of back-to-school is a return to the comfort of routine!

  4. Favorite part of summer is no schedule. Favorite part of school is getting back to a schedule. I know…it sound contradictory. I’m excited to see you in a week. 🙂

  5. Fave part of Summer Vacation: Visiting Chicago and participating in Spraguefest!
    Fave part of kids being back in school: More time to scrap!

  6. For 14 days we were on the road in our mini van hauling a tent trailer to Minnesota, South Dakota (Mt. Rushmore), Yellowstone and then home just outside of Vancouver, BC. With our two kids ages 4 and 1 – crazy? Yes. But it was amazing, especially when the buffalo were blocking the road right in front of us, staring and snorting ;D My oldest is back to preschool on September 13, I can’t wait! Three days a week, 2.5 hours of quiet while the youngest naps!! Yay. More time for scrapbooking…

  7. I love sleeping in, sitting at the beach and kiddos playing outside for hours on end. When school starts I love shopping without the kids in tow. Makes life so much easier.

  8. favorite part of summer – reading a good book out by the pool! My boys are too young for school yet, so I’d say my favorite part is the pools and museums are less busy during the day now LOL!!

  9. My favorite part of summer was when my tree fell on my friends car and I pushed my friend off a bridge and she broke her feet. Oh, and the friend who broke her feet might have also gotten rabies from my pet bat named Tom. Good times!
    I’m glad my kids are back in school so they won’t torture each other anymore.

  10. My favorite part of the summer is no homework! My favorite part of my child being back in school is having a set time that he gets on the bus, which means I can get to work on time every day. LOL

  11. My fav part of summer is getting to spend more time with my son.My fav part of my child being back in school is getting some time for myself so i can scrap away all the summer pictures:)

  12. my favorite part of summer was having a tree fall on my car and hanging out with some of my favorite people for 5 days without interruption of cell phones, email, etc. Love being back in a routine now that school has started!

  13. Hmm.. Favorite part of summer vacay was probably throwing my baby girl her first ever birthday party! They’re not in school yet, but I am excited to be doing a “preschool” with a friend for our little boys!

  14. My Fav. part of summer vacation has to be being able to do anything I want w/my kids be it play w/bubbles have water balloon fights or just lay in the backyard and image what animals we see in the clouds & No stress about Homework,projects,finding the missing socks.My Fav. part of Back to School knowing my kids are rested and ready to kick bum for the school year and that first back to school smile from them when they see their friends again.

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