Rosette Valentine Bouquet


Hello ~ Arielle here with a fun little project today! This little Valentine Rosette Bouquet is a snap to make and delightedly inexpensive… and even better, it’s perfect for little hands to help with all the folding! So print out some papers and elements, grab your kids (or someone else’s kids) and get crafty!


  • Your digital kit – I used Deena Rutter’s Truly Full Kit
  • Deena Rutter’s Rosettes cutting files (optional)
  • Adhesive, I used foam tape, extra sticky double-sided tape and strong glue.
  • Lollipops (these hearts came in half dozen bunches at Wal-Mart)
  • Scissors
  • Scoring board and tool
  • Paper trimmer
  • Ribbon (optional)


If you are using the cutting files for your rosettes, skip ahead to Step 2. Start by setting up your document to print. Using an 8 1/2″ x 11″ print size, place 3 strips of patterned paper,  (I used  1″ x 11″, 1.25″ x 11″, 1.5″ x 11″) in your document as well as any elements you’ll want to use. If you want your rosettes to be more full, print out 2 copies. I used a thin cardstock, a little more sturdy than plain bond paper.

Step 1 – Trim out your strips and elements. Using a scoring tool, score the strips. I scored one of each in the following increments 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″.


Step 2 – Accordion fold the paper strips.

Step 3 – With the patterned side down, bring both ends together to make a little ‘tube’ and adhere the opposite ends, matching them up evenly. If you printed two strips for each rosette, adhere the strips together and then adhere the opposite ends. Repeat for your other rosettes.

Step 4 – Punch out a circle for each rosette from your scrap paper, at least 3/4″ in diameter. Place your little rosette ‘tube’ on a flat surface, and press the center in to shape your rosette. Apply glue to one side of the circle, and adhere to the center of the rosette. Hold in place for a minute or so until it sets.


Step 5 – Flip the rosette over and apply a 3/4″ square of thin double-sided adhesive foam tape to the center. I use the thinner foam tape, so it moulds to the shape of the rosette and the lollipop.

Step 6 – Adhere your pop to the center of the rosette.

Step 7 – Embellish to your heart’s content. I went simple with one of the cute little arrows from the kit and a bit of ribbon!


Step 8 – You’re finished! Tie a few together and give them to your BFF!


Thanks so much for visiting us today, and if you get a chance to make any of these, please share your project with us by commenting here on this post, on Deena’s Facebook Page, or in the hybrid gallery over at Pixels & Company!

New Releases: Cute cutting files

Happy Friday folks! I’m hoping you have some wonderful plans this weekend!

Friday = New Releases. I had a chance to test out this week’s new releases and I must say that these have the wheels in my head turning with possibilities!





Cute, right? And don’t let the words “cutting file” deter you because you can still use the doilies as a mask in your digital layouts. Both are 30% off through Sunday.

Till next time!