Using Digital Journal Cards In Your Stash With The Project Life App


The news is out: the Project Life® App is out and people are rushing to try it out. If you haven’t heard the news, read about the app that has revolutionized the way you scrapbook.

Many of you are probably wondering if you can use those journal cards in your stash. The answer is: YES. I’ll show you how easy it is to use those favorite Deena Rutter journal cards in your stash. And if you’re an Android user like me you don’t need an iPhone to use this app as long as you have an iPad. Ready?

Before we dive into the “how” we’ll discuss the tools you’ll need besides your iPad or iPhone:

  • Project Life® App. Get it HERE.
  • Dropbox. Not required but certainly makes things easier. I use Dropbox for everything, including the place where I store my scrapbook kits and backup pictures. The app allows you to pull directly from Dropbox so it makes pulling everything so much easier. For this tutorial I’ll be using Dropbox. If you have an alternative online storage site that you can use to easily transfer your files then use that.
  • Rhonna Designs App and/or Phonto. Both of these apps allow you to write on your pictures AND your journal cards. You’ll see the reason why you’ll want one of these on hand. Rhonna Designs and Phonto is available for both the iPhone and Android.

Now that you have your arsenal ready, let’s go!

Step 1. Add the files to your device. 

Photo Sep 23, 9 02 42 AM

I mentioned that you can use Dropbox to pull your pictures and journal cards but I found that actually downloading your files and pictures from Dropbox to your Camera Roll makes it much easier, especially if you’re not connected to the internet. So that’s what I’m showing you now.

All of Deena Rutter’s journal cards comes in 3 formats to use in 3 ways: 

  • For digital layouts: These are .png format best used for digital layouts. These won’t work in the app.
  • Print at home: This is a .pdf for you to print at home.
  • Send to Persnickety Prints: These are .jpg format and best used when you’re sending your cards to have printed at a print shop.

Because the Persnickety Prints are in the right format (.jpg) for the app all you’ll need to do is move or copy the folder into your camera roll (“Save Image”).

Photo Sep 23, 9 03 03 AM

Your journal cards will be added to the Recently Added album.

Photo Sep 23, 9 03 53 AM

Here are all of the cards I downloaded to my Camera Roll.

Photo Sep 23, 9 03 59 AM

Step 2. Add the journal card to your spread (within the app). 

Photo Sep 23, 9 04 32 AM

I’m going to add a journal card to the top left square. Choose the “Picture” icon like you were going to choose a picture. Remember, the app is treating your journal cards like a picture. 

Photo Sep 23, 9 04 36 AM

I’ve moved all of my journal cards that I added to my Camera Roll to the album called, “Fresh Start”. I can now pull my journal card from that album.

Photo Sep 23, 9 04 50 AM

Once you’ve added your cards it will look like this.

Photo Sep 23, 9 05 34 AM

But what if I want to add journaling to the cards? Now here’s the only downside with using your digital journal cards in the app: you need to use a separate app like Rhonna Designs or Phonto to write your journaling on your cards. This is because the app is recognizing your journal cards as .jpg like it was a picture. But have no fear, using a text over photo app like Rhonna Designs or Phonto is super easy. I’ll show you how to do it using Rhonna Designs.

Here’s how you do add journaling:

Step 1. With Rhonna Designs app open you’ll want to open the card you’re going to be using. Make sure that the “Original” is checked under Crop options.

Photo Sep 23, 8 14 15 PM

Step 2. Add your text.


Photo Sep 23, 9 04 51 PM

Step 3. Save your image to your Camera Roll.

Photo Sep 23, 9 05 41 PM

Step 4. Add it to your spread.

Photo Sep 23, 9 11 12 PM

Here’s what a completed spread looks like using only Deena’s Every Little Bit: Fresh Start journal cards. Pretty easy, right? So are you excited about using the journal cards in your stash or what?

As we continue to find new tips and tricks in the app, we’ll report back!


Pocket Life Step-by-Step Process with CTM Jessie McKeon

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Whether you find it easier to document your life weekly or monthly, there is no right or wrong way to pocket scrapbook your pages.

I use post it notes for each week. Some weeks I find it more inspiring to document while other weeks, there was nothing worth while. On each post it note I write the week number and the dates for them. I go Sunday-Saturday. Labeling each page with a post it note allows me to go back and re-work them by adding photos or more information. It definitely helps me to keep track of the dates.

deenablog2 copy

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New Release: Every Little Bit: Blue Skies

TGIF! It’s been spring break here for us so the family and I went to Disneyland. The kids had a great time but I’m ready for a break!

It’s April, another new month, and another new Every Little Bit collection. This one is personally my favorite thus far from the color scheme to the hot air balloons. I’m just giddy!



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