Halloween treat box

Good morning and happy Monday!  Arielle here with a super quick and easy little Halloween Treat Box that costs virtually nothing and takes very little time! I’m posting it now so you can start saving toilet paper rolls. This project is easy enough that kids will love making these and filling them with treats for their friends!

Supply list:


1)  Gather your toilet paper (tp) rolls.

2)  Flatten your tp rolls and use a bone folder to put a good crease in the folds.

3)  Using a circular guide (I used a metal die), place it at one end of a roll, so that the rounded edge meets the corners, and score. Repeat on each side, on each end of your rolls.

4)  Push the ends in, creasing the rounded edge with your fingers.

5)  Measure the length.

6)  Measure the width. Combine length + width and multiply by two. Your paper strips need to be a little longer than the total.

7)  Set up your print file of paper strips and elements. I went ahead and made my strips one inch wide and the length of the paper (the margins cropped it for me!)  Then fill your treat boxes with goodies.

8)  Cut out your strips. Apply adhesive to one end.

9)  Adhere the end to the center of your box, wrap it around lengthwise, and add more adhesive to the other end & secure. Doing it this way means you won’t have to secure the ends, the strip of paper takes care of keeping it closed. I cut a “v” out of the other end of the strip. Once that is complete, trim out your elements and apply those to cover the seam on the front of the box.

You’re all finished! I told you it was easy AND cheap! Making these for a whole class would probably take no longer that a couple hours, so save those tp rolls and give it a try!

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