Happier Easy Invites: Type and Print Tutorial for Word


I created these type and print invites for just that. So anyone, digi-scrapbooker or not could create a one of a kind, personalized invite for all occasions.  Let’s walk through how to type on your invitation.  For this tutorial I used Microsoft Word, but any word processor would work great. Use what you are comfortable with.

  1.  Download the Happier Easy Invites from my shop at Design House digital.
  2. Save the file to a file you know you’ll be able to find (wink wink). I have a special folder created on my desktop.
  3. Open your word processor (Word).
  4. On your top drag-down menu click Insert.
  5. Select: image (or picture) from file.
  6. Then select your file and image. I’m using the DHD-drutter-bdaycard-fill-in-3 birthday card.
  7. Double-click on your image.
  8. Under layout select the “text wrapping” or “behind text” option.
  9. When you change your layout to “behind text” this will allow you to type on top of the invite.
  10. Click outside of your image to the top-left to find your cursor.
  11. Enter down a few times until you are about to where you need to be typing. If your image moves down, it’s okay, you can click and drag it up and click outside it again to be able to type.
  12. Type in your text. Once you get it typed in, you can resize the text and change your font.
  13. You are now set to print. You may have to make a few adjustments to your text and line spacing to make it look perfectly the way you want it to, super easy though.

Don’t feel like opening up the word processor?  Just download the invitations, pick the one you want and send them to persnickety prints.  Have them shipped to your door.  Just write in the info and give them to all your party guests.

Good luck!! Happy Partying! Now, only if Spring would get here!

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