good friends + good crafting: fabric flowers

I have quite a few talented friends and relatives.  Well, Tiffany Carter falls into both categories.  She is my niece, my assistant, and my friend.  Somehow in between the bustle of taking care of her husband and 1 year old, working part time, taking photos professionally, and being my "go to girl", she has time for a little crafting.  I love the way Tiffany decides on a project.  The things she makes are stylish and useful.  That is why Tiffany is my first Good Friend-Good Crafter.  Enjoy Tiffany's Re-purposed Handmade Fabric Flowers.


Flowers are everywhere: Pinned on dresses, in hair, on bags, scarves, you name it. I love all the variety with one accessory.  This tutorial was inspired by a tutorial I saw using paper.

Gather Supplies:

Fabric Remnants (old sweaters, old skirts, fabric remnants)

Mason Jar lid

Tracing Pencil

Fabric Scissors

Glue Gun

Start by cutting (at least) 10 circles from your desired fabric.  One of my ways of going "green" is re-purposing. I like to use old items again and again. (the corduroy I'm using is an old skirt.) I used the lid of a mason jar as my shape. Organize your circles in groups of 2.


1. Glue 4 groups of circles, wrong sides together in pairs (leaving 2 separate).


2. Fold these 4 groups of circles in half.


3.Layer folded flowers, turning flower 1/4 turn after each addition.


4. I like to glue mine along the way… helps things from getting too crazy.


5. Repeat until you've completed a full circle.


6. To finish off the bottom, scrunch up your flower and take one of your remaining circles, put glue on it (right side up)  and stick


7. Now that my flower is constructed, I like to go back and dab glue
here and there throughout the flower to give it a little shape.


8. Glue on your hair clip. I like the snap-clips. 


9. Take your final circle and clip a little hole for the hair clip to come out.

10. Put glue between…

Now go on out there and get crazy with it. How cute would this be as a magnet, on a bulletin board…

 in your hair


or as a pin

All colors, all sized, for anyone…

The two solid brown flowers are from an old sweater, and the brown and white flowers are remnant pieces of fabric and some tule.

Good luck! Happy crafting.

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