Hello December: Documenting the holidays in a simple way

December is almost upon us, which means that it will be time for celebrating the holiday season with your loved ones and friends. No matter what the holidays means for you, December will be filled with memories that you want to be sure to document.

One way I’ll be documenting the fond memories this December is by documenting our day-to-day lives each day starting from December 1st to December 25th. This is called, December Daily, Document your December, whatever you want to call it. This might seem like a daunting task it really doesn’t have to be!

December Daily is a project started by Ali Edwards so many years ago and while it has evolved and others sometimes call it something else, the concept is still the same: Document your day-to-day lives each day in December. While the majority document through the 25th some document earlier or even later depending on their needs. Whatever you decide is fine. 

This will be my 2nd year documenting December so I’ll share with you the lessons I learned from doing this last year plus what you need to do to make this the easiest project you’ve ever completed.

Start TODAY.  Remember when I said that this doesn’t have to be a daunting task? It’s not going to be daunting if you START TODAY. Here are some things to think about:

  • Are you going to be doing digital, traditional paper, or hybrid? I’ve decided to do hybrid this year. Last year I did traditional paper and got too caught up with the endless supply I could buy but ended up not using it.
  • What album format will you use? Last year I opted for the Studio Calico Handbook, which is 6×8 inserts. This year I picked up the SN@P Binder, also in 6×8. Not really a difference here. Both are made for pockets (think journal cards) which I really like the format as it’s less “scrapbook-y” and more simple. I’ve seen others use a Smash book or even create your own. It’s up to you really though note with the Smash book I personally would feel more inclined to embellish the page vs. focusing on documenting the moments. Here’s what my 2013 album looks like.



  • What supplies are you going to use? If it’s your first year I would recommend going simple (trust me when I say this). I know as scrapbookers we are inundated with a TON of options but again, the main purpose of doing this project is to document your day-to-day lives each day in December. When you lose sight of the end goal you make it much more complicated than it needs to be. For me, I’ll be using one digital kit (which I’ll highlight below) as my main kit and fill in the gaps with my existing stash of journal cards, alphas, wood veneers, sequins, wash tape, twine, cutting files, tags, and a few other small embellishments. Last year I had a hodgepodge of different supplies. This year I want my album to be a little more uniform.
  • What should I document? This is really up to you to decide. Do you want to document everything or just special moments or a mixture of both? Take a look at this awesome and free guide by Nettio Designs to help give you some inspiration for your album. Or if you need more inspiration check out my Pinterest page to get the creative juices flowing. The biggest thing I wasn’t prepared for last year was the foundation of the whole album. What I mean by this is the internal pages of my album. Yes, I did the cover on my album before December but I didn’t prep any of the internal pages. This is KEY if you want to enjoy your holiday and not spend a ton of time decorating and embellishing your album. Here are some examples of my internal pages of my 2012 album:

Now that you know what December Daily is and how easy it is to create, here’s a sneak peek of Deena’s upcoming release, Hello December, that will help you create your first (or 5th) December album. This collection will be filled with journal cards, elements, paper, cutting files, word art, and other fun holiday goodies. Every day this week we’ll be showcasing eye candy by one of our CTMs using Hello December. It’s not just great for your December album! Have a friend (or many) that might be interested in this? Share this article!


Just heads-up: We’ve got some CRAFTY things in store for you in December. Be sure to check back often. 🙂


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  1. You are one of my favorite layout and designer, so I can hardly wait to see your DD album. I’m usually a 95% digi scrapper, bought some paper supplies and will probably hoard them (too afraid to use). Thanks for the incentive!

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