How to print and cut digital scrapbooking journal cards on your Silhouette

I’ve been a hybrid girl for the longest time. It’s the best of both worlds really. Instantly downloading digital scrapbooking kits but still getting to play with traditional paper. So when I traded in my Cricut for a Silhouette recently I was super excited about the print and cut feature on my Silhouette. This meant no more printing my digital journal cards and hand cutting them. My Silhouette is going to do it for me and I’m going to show you how you can do this on yours!

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Step 1. With your Silhouette software open, make sure you choose the right sized paper to print. Mine are typically always 8.5 x 11 but sometimes I will cut 8.5 x 12. If you print the latter just make sure to change the “height” on yours to 12 inches.


Step 2. We’ll add the “registration marks” so your Silhouette knows where to cut. This is extremely important and something you don’t want to miss. Choose the icon that looks like the photo corners. Make sure to check “show reg marks”. The default settings is a good standard so you don’t really need to mess with these.


Your workspace should look like this now. The red line is what you should keep your digital files within but also keep them outside of the criss cross grids.


Step 3. Add your journal cards to your workspace. If you are a newbie to your Silhouette there are a few ways to do this but I usually just drag and drop onto my workspace.

Word of caution: Some digital files come in .jpg and/or .png. Typically a .png file will have a transparent border you can’t see in your digital scrapbook pages but will not allow you to use the print and cut feature to cut true sized journal cards (3×4 or 4×6). Deena’s journal cards come with 3 different types but only the .jpg allows your Silhouette to cut true-to-size cards. When choosing Deena’s cards choose the “Send to Persnickety Prints” option.



When I drag and drop and click on my image the size of the card is not 3×4. This is an easy fix. Choose the Scale Window and resize as you see fit. Don’t forget to hit “apply” when you’re done.


Step 4. When you’re done adding all of your journal cards to the workspace and resizing it should look like this.


Notice how all of my cards are within the red box and out of the criss cross grids. This is also another important thing to always remember. 

Next you’ll need to tell your Silhouette where to cut so we’ll add cut lines. With one of your journal cards clicked on go to the icon with the scissors cutting along the dotted line and click on “cut edge”. This will tell your Silhouette that you want to cut the outer edge of your image. In this case, it’s the outer edge of your journal cards. Going back to the .jpg vs. .png files, this is the reason why you want to use the .jpg version of your journal cards if they have a border on the .png files.


Once you’ve highlighted each card and applying the “cut edge” cut line to each your workspace should look like this:


The red cut lines is where your Silhouette will cut. Double check one more time to make sure the cut lines are still within the red box and out of the criss cross grids.

Step 5. Now you’re ready to print! With your card stock in the printer hit the print icon on the upper left. This will now print on your printer.


After it’s printed you’ll need to line it up on your Silhouette mat like this.

2014-01-13 23.16.37


Always line your paper up to the top left corner. 

Step 6. Before you can cut your journal cards you’ll need to set up the cut settings on your Silhouette to ensure it cuts properly. Click on the pencil icon on your Silhouette and choose the proper paper. In most cases you’ll be cutting with regular card stock but remember I’m using 110 lb. card stock so I’ll need to choose “coverstock” instead. In some cases you’ll need to adjust your blade based on what kind of paper and the thickness of it. Because I’m using a thicker card stock I need to adjust my blade to 10.

Read THIS on how to adjust the blade on your Silhouette. Don’t worry- it’s super easy.


Step 7. Feed your mat into your Silhouette. If you’re a newbie make sure to line it up with the line with the arrows pointing  right on the lefthand side of your Silhouette where your mat feeds into the machine.

Once you’ve loaded the mat into your machine you’ll need to tell your Silhouette to read the registration marks so it knows where to cut. Click on the Silhouette machine icon that’s next to your printer icon.


It’ll ask you if you want to print your digital files or skip printing. Since we already printed our files you can just skip printing and on the next screen hit continue.


On the following screen you always want to detect registration marks  automatically so choosedetect automatically”. Your Silhouette will now start scanning your mat for those marks. If you cut your journal cards and the cuts come out all funky it’s because you didn’t detect the registration marks. I cannot tell you how important this step is.


Word of caution: Anytime you make changes after you’ve detected the registration marks always, always redo the detection again before cutting. I learned this the hard way.

Once you’ve detected the registration marks you’re ready to cut! Go ahead and hit the cut button and watch the magic happen. 🙂


And viola! You have digital journal cards printed and cut in a breeze. In another blog post tutorial I’ll show you how to print and cut your other digital elements!

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  1. Great tutorial!!! I’m a newbie and haven’t used my Silhouette for a couple of months and your step-by-step instructions are perfect. You saved me a lot of time! Love your products, too!
    (Love that you told the type of “cardstock” you used”, where u bought it and the weight….very helpful. In the past, I used a heavy cardstock from Archivers, which soaked up ink big time.)

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