How To Print Your Pocket Life PDF Printable

Hey folks! Jeryn, here, with a quick tutorial on how to print the PDF printables that come in the pocket life kits that Deena sells. The PDF printables are included for those paper OR hybrid scrapbookers who love the digital pocket life journal cards but aren’t going to use them in the intended way that is “digital scrapbooking”.

Step 1.  Open a PDF. Every one of Deena’s kits that have journal cards include a PDF printable. When you open up your folder you’ll see 3 subfolders:



Open the “Print at home” folder. In this case I have 3 PDFs to choose from.



Step 2. Prepare the PDF for printing. Once your PDF is open you’ll need to change your printer settings in order for it to print true-to-size. Note: If you don’t change your printer settings the journal cards will NOT print the right size.

Note: Now this next part will be different depending on whether you have a Mac or a Non-Mac (commonly referred to as a PC) and what operating system you have on your Non-Mac. This tutorial was written using Mac screenshot images but I’ll also include the written instruction for Non-Mac users. 

With your PDF open, hit Print. This will bring up a Print settings menu. Under Size Options, change the setting from Shrink Oversized Pages to Actual Size.

On a Non-Mac, UNCHECK Scale to Fit Media.


And you’re done! It’s seriously THAT easy to print out the digital journal cards in Deena’s kits.

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