Easy Decoupage Halloween Dishes

Happy Monday, everyone! Kate here with a hybrid project that’s sure to add something unique and fun to your Halloween party.



– Digital Paper: I used Deena’s Superstition paper pack and die cuts.

– Photo-editing software like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements

– Clear glass plates or bowls. I just picked some up at the local second-hand store.

– Rubbing alcohol

– Mod Podge and a foam brush for application

– Acrylic sealer


1. Print out the patterned paper or design for your dishes. I had two plates and one bowl to cover so I cut my paper into a big circle. For the bowl, I snipped down the edges of the circle so they could overlap as the paper went up the sides of the bowl.


2. Prepare your dishes by washing, drying, and then wiping them down with some rubbing alcohol.


3. Apply the Mod Podge to the patterned side of the paper and adhere to the bottom of the dish. Once the paper is glued down, go over the back of the paper with a couple coats of the Mod Podge. Let that dry for at least 24 hours.


4. Apply a coat of the acrylic sealer to the paper-side of the dishes. This will add another layer of protection and makes it easier to wash the dishes after they’ve been used. They won’t be dishwasher safe though! Hand wash only. Let that dry completely and then you’ll be ready to go.



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