Flower Pendant Necklace

Hey There! It’s Tiffany today, with a fun little project, perfect to wear or to give as a birthday or Mother’s day gift, maybe?

necklace final

Let’s get started. First, you will need

  • Tacky glue
  • 1.5″ circle punch
  • 2.5″ scallop punch
  • Necklace chain with bail
  • Glossy accents
  • 1.5″ wooden disc
  • Stain or paint for wooden disc (optional)
  • Favorite Deena Rutter digital patterned paper – printed. I used Every Little bit – Charmed, and Every little bit – Blue Skies
  • pearl (not pictured)
  • scissors
  • wooden skewer, toothpick or pencil
  • hot glue gun


Step 1. I started by punching two (one for each side) – 1.5″ cirlces with my circle punch and gluing them in place using tacky glue.

Trick: I like to wiggle the paper piece around until it really does get “tacky” and then smooth out the edges.

1tacky glue

Step 2. I punch ONE 2.5″ scallop punch and cut just inside the scallop edge. I’m going to use this piece as my flower. Wrap it around a pencil or a wooden BBQ skewer nice and tight.

2scallop punch3wrap flower

Step 3. Then I lay it flower/scallop side down and press into my work surface. This helps soften up the flower and gives the paper a little more flexible movement. You can also use the end of your wooden skewer and shape the petals of your flower to round them out a little if needed.


Step 4. I start on the outer edge using my Glossy Accents, covering any exposed edges and work towards the center, using a big spiral as I fill it in. Don’t worry, it doesn’t dry murky like this. totally clear!


Step 5. Place your scallop flower in your desired spot on the disc while the glossy accent is still wet. I left an opening in the center just big enough to place a spare pearl I had from another project.  I then used my handy skewer to shape my flower a little better now that the petals are nice a pliable.

6place flower and pearl

Step 6. Hot glue the bail on the back of the disc.


Wah-lah, there you have it. Wear it yourself, or give it away….  Happy Monday friends!!

necklace final

Thanks for stopping by… see you soon!


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  1. I love this tutorial, Tiffany! The photos are so beautiful and I love the illustration of all the supplies you used, too. I especially love how you created your rolled flower; it is so much less bulky than the traditional way. Thanks for that tip!

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