Hybrid Valentine Treat Bag – with Aria

This year my three year old son is in preschool and today,
his class is having a Valentine’s party! It’s his first Valentine’s party and I
wanted to make something special for him to give out to his little preschool friends. So,
I decided to personalize his valentine cards by combining it into a treat bag
and putting his face on the card. 
Supplies you will need:

  • A digital kit – I used Deena’s Whole Lotta Love
    and Whole Lotta Love Photo Cards
  • Photo editing software – I use CS6
  • Cardstock
  • Decorative Scissors (optional)
  • Cellophane treat bags
  • Stapler 
  • Treats for your bags!


  1. Use your photo editing software to extract a
    photo you would like to use. I used the quick selection tool in Photoshop and
    made sure to use the “Refine Edges” option to smooth around the edges of the
    extracted photo. Place your extracted photo in a new file. The cards on my
    treat bags are small so I used the dimensions 2.75 x 4.25 inches. 
  2. Choose one of your favorite papers as a
    background. I used a light colored paper from Deena’s Whole Lotta Love kit
  3. Under Custom Shapes in Photoshop, choose the
    call out mask and resize to your preference (or use the call out mask in Deena’s kit). Choose one of your favorite papers
    and use a clipping mask to clip it to the custom shape. 
  4. Next, I used the “Happy Valentine’s Day”
    greeting from Deena’s Whole Lotta Love photocards, used the elliptical marquee
    tool to select around it and then copied that layer to my card file. Then,
    place that on top of the call-out mask custom shape.
  5. After you’re done arranging things in Photoshop,
    it’s time to print out your cards and trim them. I decided to back mine with a
    darker, fuschia colored cardstock and on some of them I got out my old dusty crafting scissors and created a decorative trim for the bottom of the cards. 
  6.  Then fill your treat bags and staple everything
    together! Easy peasy! You’ve created a personalized valentine card and treat bag
    for your kids!

3 Replies to “Hybrid Valentine Treat Bag – with Aria”

  1. Super cute idea, Aria! I love that you don’t even have to put his name for who it’s from…because you can clearly see his adorable face. (I wonder how many little girls are going to put his valentine topper under their pillow tonight….)

  2. You guys are so funny! I’m so sad I didn’t get to see him pass out his valentines today! I had a meeting at work I couldn’t get out of. We have a few extra and I think he’s going to give a few to his little friends at church.

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