Design House Digital Designer Weekend + Family Matters

I had an amazing weekend with the Design House Digital designers this weekend.  I am so inspired by all of their creativity and ability to share it with the world. Carina has some great pictures over on her blog.

Coming home to a really clean house and a manicured yard on Saturday is probably the best Mother's Day present I could get…especially when a big Mother's day gathering was next on the agenda.


Drutter-4generation I am still lucky enough to have my grandma with us, so we took a couple
of four generation pictures.

Drutter-motherdear I came home from my designer weekend to my happy tape shipment. I am in love and couldn't wait to use it somehow.

My mother, Nancy Houston and me.

Here is a perfect example of the "circle of paper life".  I let my neice, Tiffany Carter, pick out some of her favorite So Sophie paper, and she gives me this amazing mother's day card.  She made the fabric flower , left an opening in the strip of paper running through the middle of the card so she could clip my new fabric flower on.  Love the simplicity and the dual purpose.

Drutter-kids All in all, I had a great mother's day: a little time out to think creatively and get to know some amazing people, and also spend time with family.  I hope you had a great weekend as well.

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