“I’m bored!” DIY Scratch-off Cards

Happy Monday! Kate here! I wanted to show you all how I made these cute scratch-off cards that my kids can choose from when they try and tell me they’re bored.



– Digital Kits: I used Deena’s Every Little Bit: Charmed Paper Pack, Every Little Bit Neutral Paper Pack, and her brand new kit, Speak Bubbles.

– Photo-editing software like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements

– White cardstock

– liquid dish soap

– acrylic craft paint


1. First thing is to pull the template into Photoshop (or PSE). I used Deena’s 4×3 Speak Bubbles template as is – the only thing I did was add a background because I didn’t want the dot layer to be cut out.

I made a small circle within the speech bubble so I’d have a painting guide and then I typed out an activity or idea on each card, making sure the words stayed within the circle. I’ve got a copy of my list below!



2. Print; cut them out.


3. Mix up your paint. The paint recipe I used is 1 part liquid dish soap and 2 parts acrylic craft paint. Mix it up well, but try not to create a whole lot of little bubbles.

Gently fill in the circle with the paint. Let dry.

And now you’ve got fun scratch-off cards!


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