I’m coming up so you better get this hockey started…

Hockey Season 2008

I am not much into politics, but apparently I have something in common with John McCain's running mate, Sara Palin…I, too, am a bulldog hockey mom.  Can't wait to watch my boys and their friends get on the ice for another year of heart pumping action!  Hopefully my heart will keep pumping with Jack as a goalie (THE PRESSURE) and Sam starting to CHECK. 

Besides showcasing these boys (can't you tell they are thrilled?) I wanted to show some of my digital kits available on pclayers.  The background grid paper used is part of a new kit that just came out last week called Penny Lane


I also used my Moonshadow Kit for the brushes.



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  1. Let us know the schedule of the boys games. We would love to come see them all play. Any idea why I couldn’t the picture of the page to display? I’m an idiot when it comes to that stuff.

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