Jennifer Seelos

jennifer S

Fabric Manager

Here are 34 things about Jennifer:

  1. My kids have never seen my toes without polish. I have been getting a pedicure every month for the last 15 years. But I never get a manicure – I have unkempt fingernails.
  2. I learned to sew in 8th grade, and made most of my dresses as a teenager.
  3. I loved shopping at the fabric store, but often could not find what I wanted. I used to think that I should design fabric when I got older… how lucky am I to be working with a REAL fabric designer!
  4. I must start my day with a Diet Coke. with a lemon. fountain only. never in a can.
  5. I have delivered 3 out of 4 kids “naturally” (w/o drugs). But I have a history of fainting when I have blood drawn or others talk about medical stuff.
  6. We have a bunny, his name is Bunnylicious. He is litter box trained and has free rein of the house. I also have chickens that I love and like to talk to.
  7. I only see movies that will make me laugh or have a happy ending. I hate scary movies, I am still scarred by “Poltergeist”.
  8. I am the oldest of 6 in my family, but because I had my kids in my 30’s/40’s, my kids have lots of cousins their own age. In fact, my husband is 50 with a 5 year old (:
  9. My first “real” job was teaching Home Economics in High School.
  10.  I love to work in my yard and I grow a garden every year. My favorite is pumpkins.
  11.  I had a writing assignment in Jr. High that required us to write a letter requesting a pen pal. I wrote to Sweden, and got over 100 replies to my letter!
  12.  I don’t read books at all, but love to flip thru a magazine before I go to sleep.
  13.  I am a wicked house painter. I painted most of my sister’s house 2 weeks after having my last baby, and have painted at least one room (or more) in my siblings’ and parents’ homes.
  14.  I love the smell of ground hamburger and onions cooking.
  15.  On a plane ride to New York when I was a little girl, the stewardess (that is what we called them back in the day) invited my brother and I to meet the Captain inside the cock pit….oh how things have changed!
  16.  I had a lot of jobs during college. The strangest one was smelling water – but I got paid in money AND ice cream. The hardest one was cleaning a bakery at night. I hated the angel food cake pans.
  17.  I am loud.
  18.  We speak in movie quotes at my house, “You can do it Brucey!”, “Not today Zurg”, and when I am not amused with my husband I tell him to “Read between the lines Theo, READ BETWEEN THE LINES!” (I’ll give anyone a prize who can name the movies).
  19.  My mother was born in Germany and immigrated to the U.S. when she was 9 (came over on a boat!). I was lucky enough to travel to Europe with my parents and brother, and got to see the actual room where she grew up (they rented one room inside a larger house – it was also the first time my Mother had been back to Germany).
  20.  Guilty pleasure – watching TV at night. My current favorite is The Goldbergs….love the 80’s.
  21.  I don’t use any social media, but I love my smart phone.
  22.  I have been a crafter ever since I was young. I painted our name on our mailbox in bubble letters.
  23.  At one of my jobs they called me “General Jenn”. It fits.
  24.  Growing up, my family always took a summer vacation, and I have been to many sites around the country. The only area I have not visited is the South, I would love to travel there some day.
  25.  I can’t sing or dance, but do both in the privacy of my home (or car)….I’m pretty sure I look like Elaine from Seinfeld when I dance.
  26.  My husband is a Chef.
  27.  I am a clean freak, but you would never know it looking at my house…5 against 1. I have officially given up.
  28.  I used to love when the JC Penny catalog arrived in the mail. I would look thru the whole thing and then carefully fill out the order form with all the things I wanted. I still love a good catalog and love to imagine what I would do with my pretend purchases.
  29.  I am pretty handy. I have laid several paver patios in my yard. The first quilt I ever made was cut to the same size of the pavers I had just used in a project.
  30.  My husband rarely uses our given names. We all have nicknames. That would need an explanation. That reveal his heart is really a big marshmallow.
  31. I love to start a new project, but I am horrible at finishing them.
  32.  I love the color pink.
  33.  Wow, one more to go to 34….can’t believe I’m almost there!
  34.  Home is important to me. I bought my first home when I was single. I am a home body…..making a home and being home with my family makes me happy.