Logo Design and Branding for PaperFix


I’ve always wanted the opportunity to work on the branding of a new company, and when I was contacted to work with BasicGrey + ModifyInk owner, Rachel Brenchley on a new venture, the answer was an easy YES! Once I knew the name and a little direction of what the company was, I went to work.

1. I started with a mix of inspiration pieces that had the feel we wanted the new brand to have.



2. Next, an array of different feeling logos were designed.


2. We liked them all, but went with the most simple, clean logo that we could build upon the most.

3. Choosing a color scheme, prints and patterns that we could use throughout a website or sprinkle through newletters, blogs, and other social media applications was the next step.

4. Creating elements that represent the brand, fonts that will be used consistently throughout the images made, was the next step.


Just like I thought, building out the PaperFix brand was a lot of fun!  I look forward to watching the brand grow and use the design concepts we’ve put into place.


And if you love unique and exclusive paper-crafting products, you must stop over at PaperFix to be added to the line up of the PaperFix Insiders and Know-It-Alls.


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  4. This is just stunning – the branding process looks seamless, though I’m sure it was a LOT of work. And who better than Basic Grey?! My favorite scrapbook company of all time. Can’t wait to get ahold of their newest collections. They never fail. Job well done!

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