Milk Carton Cutout

Hello! Today I am going to show you how to create a cut out window on the D Cuts – Milk Carton Gift Box by Deena Rutter. Let’s get started!


Supply List:
D Cuts – Milk Carton Gift Box by Deena Rutter
D Cuts – Basic Shapes and Word Art V1
Clover Cutting File Freebie by Deena Rutter
Silhouette and Silhouette Software
Tape runner or other adhesive
Clear plastic film (from packaging)

Open Silhouette Software.
Select the correct paper size from the Page Tools menu.
Click on the open folder icon in the toolbar.
From the drop down menu navigate to the location of the cutting files you plan to use.
Click Ok.


In this tutorial I will be creating a cut out window on one side of the Deena Rutter milk carton cutting file.

I am using a clover shape freebie that can be found on the blog – here.
Once the files are placed on the mat, resize the files as needed by selecting the individual layer and clicking on one of the corner nodes. Hold down the shift key while resizing to keep all of the dimensions in proportion.


Select the shamrock (or corresponding shape). Drag and place the shape over the front portion of the milk carton file. Click on the green node along the top of the shape and turn it to fit.

Once the shamrock is in place it is time to trace the file. From the Trace Window click Select Trace Area.


Now click and drag the mouse over all of the open files.


Edit the Trace Settings. First, uncheck the High Pass Filter option. Adjust the threshold up and down until you are satisfied with the selection.


Click on Trace in the Apply Trace Method window.

Now click on the Open Cut Style Window and the cut lines will be shown.

Click on the Cut Settings Window and select the type of material that you will be cutting. Adjust the speed and blade according to the screen settings.

Load the mat into the Silhouette and click cut.
Once the cut is complete unload the mat and peel the paper from the mat.

Now it’s time to assemble the milk carton. In this example I am using double sided heavy cardstock to make it easy to show each step of assembly.
On a flat surface cut a clear piece of plastic large enough to cover the cut out in the carton.
Run the tape (or other adhesive) along the outer edge of the cut out.
Place the clear plastic over the adhesive and press firmly into place.


Next, fold along the perforated lines.


What I found that works best in assembling the carton is to fold the flap towards the inside of the carton and add a generous amount of glue on the flap.
Fold the rest of the carton over onto the flap and press together firmly. Hold until the glue sets.

Once the glue is dry, open the carton up and fold in the bottom flaps. I added a touch of glue to the corners just to reinforce the bottom.

Turn the carton right side up.
Fill it with a special treat. Here I filled the carton with some “Thank Yous” Girl Scout Cookies to give as a gift to a friend.
Once the box is filled, fold in the sides of the carton, along the perforated lines.
Press together the front and back of the carton.
Then fold the flap over and push it into the hole to seal.
Now take a moment to admire your work! 🙂


The possibilities are endless. The milk cartons are just so fun I couldn’t resist making another one. This one uses the Roots and Wings Collection and the Rosettes cut files by Deena Rutter as well as a little veneer heart from Studio Calico.



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