Mini Matchbook Cards

Hey there! Today I’d like to show you how to make these cute mini matchbook cards that hold a small bag of goodies. We’ll be using a simple template that can be customized to your liking.


FREE Mini Matchbook Template by Deena Rutter

Any digital kit – I used Deena’s new kits: Raw Sugar Papers & Raw Sugar Journaling Cards

White cardstock

Sticky-back Velcro – I used the smallest dots I could find


Small plastic bags & some candies

Hole punch

Any fun embellishments: brads, staples, flowers, tags, ribbon, glitter. I also used Deena’s D-Cuts: Basic Shapes.


1. Print off the paper.

I printed on both sides of a single sheet of cardstock so that my project would have different, but coordinating patterns on each side. I was able to get 2 cards from one sheet of cardstock.

2.  Cut out your card shape using the template provided (I used a cutting machine) and then fold along the notches.

3. Now embellish!

For this card, I chalked all around the edges and on the folds. For the flap, I used the flower from Deena’s D-Cuts: Basic Shapes and secured it with a green brad. For some visual interest on the bottom, I’ve glued a pretty green and cream ribbon.

4. Fill your bags with some small candies.

This project will only measure about 3 inches wide and 2 ¾ inches high when completed. Keep that in mind when selecting your bags. The bags I bought were too wide so I had to fold the side over and glue it down. I also trimmed the top of the bags down quite a bit.

5. Once they’re filled, fold the bag at the top and position it right under the first fold on the paper and punch a hole on either side – punching through the paper and bag.

Now thread some ribbon through and secure it all with a bow or a knot.

6. Attach the Velcro.

I pulled both dots off the plastic and pushed them together. I attached them to the underside of the rounded flap and then closed the flap and pressed it a little. Then I carefully opened the flap up and pressed both sides of the Velcro with my fingers just to make sure they were good and attached.

That’s all there is to it! It’s a cute presentation for a small treat!

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  1. Terresa, just click on the link right under supplies. It will take you to the free download in my shop. Enjoy!

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