Must-have scrapbooking essentials to document your holiday memories

It’s day 3 of our special week long edition of how to document your holiday memories the EASY way. Today we’re going to talk about your go-to essentials you need in your scrapbooking arsenal to make documenting your memories EASY and FUN while not breaking the bank.

  1. Patterned paper and solid paper- this is an obvious one. 🙂 If you’re doing the pocket/journal card styled album like I am you can easily cut the patterned paper to insert into the pockets to create instant journal cards!
  2. Alphas of all different sizes, textures, and thickness. Get the big ones for either your cover page and other prominent titles in your album. Examples HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.
  3. Tags, paper strips, and any other piece of tiny paper… and in all shapes and sizes. You’ll use them for everything, such as: to tell the story behind the picture, document a sentiment, to be used simply as decoration, or to add the date. Pretty versatile, right?
  4. Numbers! I tend to take a picture and journal every day so I like to indicate what date it is. If this is too much pressure for you, no worries! How about instead of the 25 (or 31) days of December how about 25 holiday memories? Whatever you choose you’ll sure be needing those numbers. Check out these examples HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.
  5. Washi tape is a MUST! I’ve got a whole drawer of wash tape. Use it to tape your picture to the background, as part of your layered papers, or  as borders. Makes you want to go out and get a whole bunch of them, right?

Of course, you can have your other embellishments but if this is your first year remember to keep is simple! Check back in tomorrow for the BIG reveal of Hello December!



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