My Mind’s Eye American Made: Rockets

Happy last day of June!!! It’s Tiffany here. Can you believe it’s already this time of year? I sure can’t. I love it though. I’m back with another paper project that is super fun for all ages. It all started, when i saw this tutorial. I’ve been collecting my supplies for a couple weeks now, and then I found the tutorial that really tipped me off here. I used hot glue instead of staples. I wanted a more clean look. Let’s get started.

Supplies needed:

– Toilet paper or paper towel rolls (as many as you would like to make. I have plenty left over, as I had family members collecting them for me too.)

American Made patterned paper (so patriotic and beautiful)

-String – to attatch to the top of your rocket.

-Ribbon or other desired embellishments.

American made rocketI measured and glued my papers to the toilet paper rolls and traced a cup to creat the top cone. I glued a string to the inside of the cone shape before I glued the cone to my rocket.

American made rocket3

Then I made my streamers. I love to use up every inch of paper that I can so I made a bunch of strips from the scrap American Made paper. I was going to curl it with a pencil, but decided I wanted a smalled tassle and smaller swirl.

I cut my strips into smaller sections leaving about 1/2 inch at the top of the strip. I cut them into 2-4 smaller sections depending on the size of my strip.
Paper strips2 American Made rocket

Then I used a crotchet hook to wrap my strips around.

Paper strips2 American Made rocketI then had a variety of colors and textures for my fun little rocket tassles/streamers. I mixed them all together for each rocket.Paper strips American Made rocket3

I glued the streamers to the inside-bottom of the cone.American made rocket Garnish them with a little matching ribbons.
American made rocket3 And tie them up for a darling holiday decoration. We recently remodeled our kitchen. We got crazy and knocked out the wall between our living/family room and our kitchen. I now have a giant living space, so i put these in my kitchen window hanging from the curtain rod… so cute. My 2 year old loves to count them, and yell “3,2,1 BLASTOFF!” Did I mention they are super easy/quick to make…. perfect timing for that last minute decor. American made rocket5 Wouldn’t they be so cute on a little skewer too in some old fashioned bottles? You know, like little bottle rockets? Yeah, I thought so.

Check back tomorrow for another paper crafting idea with American Made.


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  1. So fun! Thanks for the idea. My kidlets are making some of these now….only we don’t have any of the super cute American Made paper. *pout* 😉

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