No Sew Holiday Pillow


This beach cruiser is from Deena’s soon-to-be-released line, “Offshore” that will be available in January.  It was begging for a winter make-over, so we just had to get this pattern whipped up for the holidays!


Offshore Winter Wagon Applique Pattern in the Etsy shop, $4 instant download

Pillow Cover and Pillow Form

Heat n Bond Ultrahold, 1/2 yard  -or-  Fabric glue, School Glue, or Hot Glue

1/8 yard or small scraps of various cotton prints or felt, suggested colors –

Teal – Car Body

Tan – Large Side Panel

Mustard – Small Side Panels

Green – Tree

Brown/Black – Tree Stump and Tires

Off White – Windows and Tires

Gray – Bumpers, Hubcaps, Spare Tire


Purchase a plain pillow cover in the color of your choice.  I found lots of great colors at IKEA, but most retailers or craft stores also carry a good selection.  My pillow is 20 x 20, but you can do any size you like.


Purchase the applique pattern from the Etsy shop, and size the pattern pieces to fit your project.  For my pillow, I enlarged the pieces by 150%.


Prepare all applique pieces. A few notes on fabric selection –

I mixed felt with cotton prints to give it some depth and texture.  If I had used ALL felt, I think it would have looked a little blah, but the felt has dimension that the cotton prints would not.  I used felt for the car, tree, and hubcaps and bumpers.  Felt also has the advantage of not fraying once cut, and could be glued down with out fusing to the Heat n Bond.  I would recommend using the Heat n Bond for the cotton prints.

To prepare applique pieces with Heat n Bond , first cut identical pieces of both the fabric and fusible, following the manufacturer’s directions, fuse to the wrong side of fabric (DO NOT use steam).  Then trace pattern in REVERSE on the WRONG side of fabric.  Cut out all pattern pieces.


Fuse to wrong side of fabric or felt


Trace pattern in REVERSE on WRONG side of fabric
Trace pattern in REVERSE on WRONG side of fabric


Fuse pattern pieces to pillow top (do not forget to turn off your steam).  If you did not use Heat n Bond, simply use your preferred type of glue to affix your pattern pieces to pillow.

Fuse/glue pieces in in the following order:

Tire, tire whitewall, hubcap, then using car body as a guide, fuse completed tires to pillow top.

Car body (be sure to overlap back tire slightly), large panel, small panels, windows.

Bumpers, spare tire.

Tree stump (if cut from another color, as I did), and tree (overlap tree slightly to top of car).


I would not recommend washing pillow – simply spot treat if it gets dirty.

If you prefer, the pillow can be made using traditional applique methods.  If you use the fusible/machine stitch method, be sure to use Heat n Bond Lite.  The Ultrahold will cause your machine needle to gum up, and you will be very unhappy!

wagon big

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