Oh Darling Pillow Wrap Box

Here is a quick how-to for making your pillow wrap box.  All of the boxes and bags in my Oh Darling Collection at Design House Digital will make all of your Valentine gift giving FUN + EASY this time around.

If you haven't already, download your own collection at Design House Digital.

Print the file, DHD-drutter-printandcut-wraphills.jpg.

Cut around the image.

Using a bone folder, trace around the side rounded dotted line.  On the straight center dotted line, I like to use a ruler with the bone folder to keep it nice and straight.

Crease and fold in your perforated edges.

Fold in half and bring the rounded sides to where they overlap one another. Glue the sides in place. Using a hole puncher, punch 2 holes in the open top section.  Fold it over and mark with a pencil where your lower holes will go.  (Use my picture above as a guide). 

Put ribbon through bottom holes (like the picture above).  Fill with treat and/or gift.

Wrap cover over the top of pillow box.  Lace ribbon through holes.  Tie and attach a tag.  (I used DHD-drutter-ohdarling-lovepeopletag.png) from the word art file from Oh Darling.

You are now ready to GIVE LOVE!

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