Our Own Tiny Dancer

Kate Fall 2008

Kate tiny dancer

When the Tiny Dancer Collection was introduced on pclayers, I didn't have a real dancing girl to sample with the kit…I am excited to say, that I do now.  It was so fun to watch Kate dance around in her little leotard and tap shoes for the past week. 

She had a melt down on Monday when she had to take the dance clothes off to do some yard work.  As she put on a new outfit she began to cry, "I don't look pretty anymore!"  We are in for it.  I don't think we have ever heard those words in our house before, but I doubt it is the last time.

I am having fun getting a delicate little dance bag together…it is a change from the 3 huge stinky hockey bags I am use to stocking up and packing in the back of the car.

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  1. Kate is so adorable. Sounds like fun. I’m so jealous that you can make your blog look soooo good. You have way too much talent. You need to send some of that my way.

  2. Kate brings balance to your life- and she does it with such sweetness. Wish I had a little girl cousin for her to dress up with. I miss that.

  3. this is such a darling post. i actually stopped by to tell you how much i love your new pclayers collection…colors are perfect for just about anything! thanks for your dedicated design and earthy influence in your work. hugs!

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