Penny Lane – no sew fabric flower wall art

Hey! It’s Tiffany. Are you noticing a trend with what I’m doing with Penny Lane fabric? Yes, I might have a little bit of a “flower thing” as my husband calls it. I have to do something in a house full of men!  This project was SO easy, and honestly took like 15-20 minutes total.  Have you ever used fabric to cover an old frame, canvas, or even a scrap piece of wood? Yes, I’m guity too. After seeing it time and time again all over the web, I decided to give it a try. I thought it would be harder than it actually was. YAY!  I used a blank canvas I’ve had in my craft room for months, begging me to decorate it or use it somehow.

Penny lane canvas w flowers
I’m not sure if you can tell that I have some white tule behind the rick-rack and white ribbon. I glued it all crazy to the back side of the ribbon and then glued it in place. I added a couple of flower and there you have it.

Don’t you just love that lime-green. Seriously? Why, yes, yes I do! Happy weekend!!

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